Addressing Interviewer Bias in Today’s Job Market with Mari Järvinen

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In order to find the candidate who best fits the job based on potential and skill, we often end up making hiring choices based on assumptions and conclusions that come up unconsciously.  A firm handshake, offering to bring back the coffee cup after the interview… We spoke to Mari Järvinen (Organisational Psychologist and start-up coach) […]

Unconscious Biases & Recruitment KPIs: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

When taking into account how much information we process daily – it comes as no surprise that sometimes we make the wrong decisions. And everyone makes mistakes, right? But what if the consequences of this wrong decision cause an even bigger problem?  Whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, unconscious bias not […]

The Scientific Explanation of Why Everyone is Biased in Hiring

I have a confession to make. I am biased. Actually, so are you. Every day we subconsciously make a lot of decisions and probably your most recent one was whether to read this article or not. Glad you’re here though. 🙂 We make decisions so frequently and most of the time we don’t even realize […]

How Screening for University Degrees Leads to Bias

All throughout school everyone is told that grades we get are what matters the most. Because without good grades there will be no good future – no chance to get into a good university, slim chances of finding a job and so on. Basically – you’re doomed. Think about it. You don’t know whether a […]

Harmful Impact on Minorities in Recruitment Processes

It is a strange phenomenon, where more and more companies claim that they are lacking candidates while candidates are also struggling to land a new job. Providing companies have declared a ‘talent war’, it is essential to look into the root cause of why there is a gap between companies and candidates and how to […]

Yes, In-Group Bias in Hiring is Human. But It’s Still Wrong.

Now, picture your group of friends and honestly answer the following questions: Are they the same age? Are they primarily the same gender? Are they of the same ethnicity? Do they have similar interests and hobbies as you do? Perhaps they come from the same background as you? In most cases your friend group closely […]

How asking about a candidate’s hobbies makes us wrongfully hire based on stereotypes

Let me start by making a confession. I also talk about hobbies in the job interviews that I conduct for Equalture. I don’t ask candidates about their hobbies though – instead, I always introduce myself by sharing my own hobbies.  However, that doesn’t make the situation any better, because introducing yourself that way can still […]

How Stereotyping Bias Makes You Miss Out on Talent

When I got my very first tattoo I was beyond excited about it. My parents did warn me and said that it’s likely a lot of people will perceive me as not professional or as someone who cannot be taken seriously. “How absurd and ridiculous is this” was what I thought back then. Until I […]

How Ex-Google/Uber/X LinkedIn headlines drive discriminatory hiring

I had a very fruitful marketing brainstorm session last week with my Marketing team here at Equalture. We were discussing strategies to increase awareness around unconscious biases in hiring. Strategies to confront hiring managers with their own biases, and therefore with their own individual contribution to keeping alive a hiring method that can and will […]