7 reasons why companies are hiring graduates

7 reasons why companies are hiring graduates

Hiring graduates can lead to some very positive & surprising long-term benefits. In this blog, you’ll find out about the seven main benefits of why hiring those who are born digital (millennials, gen z and gen x) will allow you to take your business to the next level!

The benefits of hiring fresh graduates

So, what is it exactly that sets graduates apart from other candidates and what are the main benefits companies are hiring graduates? These are the 7 reasons why:

  1. Highly enthusiastic, ambitious & motivated workforce
  2. Generations that have first-hand market experience & knowledge
  3. Fresh graduates allow diversifying your workforce
  4. More tech-savvy than any other generation before
  5. Hiring graduates means expanding your talent pool
  6. Fresh graduates are open & willing to learn
  7. A unique chance to nurture and develop talent 

A highly enthusiastic, ambitious & motivated workforce

54% of fresh graduates describe their experience of transitioning to the professional world as utterly exhausting and a struggle. So you can imagine the enthusiasm and energy with which they will come to work knowing that they’ve managed to find a job at a company as awesome as yours. And that you’ve managed to find an employee that is enthusiastic, ambitious and highly motivated to contribute to the success of your company (as well as make a name for themselves). 

The best thing about it – this enthusiasm is often contagious and will definitely rub onto already existing employees. It’s a win-win for all involved!

Generations that have first-hand market experience & knowledge

This is especially valuable if the product you are selling is targeted towards millennials, gen z or gen x. These are the generations that have first-hand market experience and knowledge which means that with their valuable insights, you’ll be able to sell your product more effectively than before. 

After all, who can know how to sell a product better than someone who is in your direct target market?

Fresh graduates allow diversifying your workforce

Younger employees will have different experiences, ways of thinking and attitudes that they will be able to bring to the workplace.  Not only do fresh graduates have the ability to look at things from a different perspective but also be able to contribute to nourishing innovative and fresh ideas as they are likely to be more in touch with the current trends.

On top of that, fresh graduates are not afraid of questioning the status quo, and might not hesitate to question the way things within a company are done the way they are. All with the goal of helping you take your company to the next level by improving already existing practices.

All in all, having employees within your workplace that come from different generations has been proven to lead to more innovation, productivity, skill diversity, effective sharing of ideas and ultimately allowing to future-proof your workforce. So no need to fear that the generational gaps will lead to poor performance. According to a Global Talent Trends report by LinkedIn, 74% of talent professionals agree that, in fact, a multigenerational workforce is very important to the future of HR and recruitment overall.

More tech-savvy than any other generation before

As we move further into the age that is more increasingly characterized by technology, it comes with no surprise that every upcoming generation is becoming more and more in touch with the latest technology advances compared to any generation before.

This is also one of the biggest advantages when hiring a fresh graduate, as they are “born digital” – the first generations to grow up in an entirely digital world (made up of Millennials, born 1981 to 1996, and Generation Z, born after 1997). Thus, being comfortable with new, innovative technology – they know a tech-driven world of work better than anybody else. Which, as you can imagine, is especially important within the tech sector.

Hiring graduates means expanding your talent pool

By hiring graduates, you are guaranteed to expand your talent pool massively. Already in 2018, approximately 4 million individuals graduated from tertiary education in EU alone. 

Moreover, Generation Z (which are also currently entering the labour force), for example, constitute 26% of the global population which is around 2 billion people. That means that there is plenty of talent for you to choose from when it comes to filling your open job positions. 

Fresh graduates are open & willing to learn

Fresh graduates are more than open and willing to learn and acquire new skills, as well as gain as much knowledge as possible when starting to work somewhere. In fact, 76% gen Z, 61% millennials, 56% gen x – see learning willingness and ability as key to success in their career. So it comes without surprise that people are trying to equip themselves with a wide range of different technical skills, whether it be Adobe programs or coding.  

The ability to adapt has become a necessity for most companies due to rapidly changing environments. And in fact, research shows that about half (46%) of the generational workforce that’s just attained or is about to attain their degree, highlight that flexibility and adaptability are crucial characteristics for employees when it comes to contribution to the company success.

A unique chance to nurture and develop talent 

While many recruiters are focusing their efforts on chasing experienced talent, by targeting recent graduates – you will not only increase your chances of making a great hire, but you will also get the unique chance to nurture and develop talent. 

Continuously engaging with employees to learn about their aspirations, providing them with personal training and development opportunities, and above all, keeping them moving forwards is a crucial step towards building leaders of the future. After all, smart companies do not let their talent to stagnate because that’s how you end up losing talent that is more than valuable for your organizations’ future. In fact, nurturing new talent within your organization has not only a positive impact on the growth, culture and overall commercial success of the company.

However, if you truly want to hire the best of the best, consider looking beyond educational requirements or past work experience – hire more for skills & potential!

Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than glad to tell you how – no strings attached!

Cheers, Anete

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