11 March 2019

[Announcement] The Bar Method: A Playbook Series to attract, hire and retain talent in scaleups.

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Imagine yourself walking into a bar. ? What’s the intention for the night? Just having fun? Getting drunk? Having a dance? Or do you even consider taking someone home with you tonight?

Your intention is your choice. Just yours. But when it comes to going for long term success, you might just realize that your intentions need some adjustment.

When translating this into your scaleup’s hiring strategy, hiring is just like a night in a bar. Has growth resulted in the fact that hiring became a marathon? Do you feel like you’re just running into 10 different bars, trying to find that one person? Or does it seem like you’re actually having a great night while you never hear anything back again? That’s all just like hiring. Attracting people, creating a first impression, having fun and trying to build relationships. And experiencing that sometimes your approach just doesn’t work.

The Bar Method: A Playbook Series to attract, hire and retain talent.

In this Playbook Series we will cut a typical night at the bar into four different categories. From walking inside the bar up to waking up the next morning. Our goal: making sure that your scaleup’s hiring process is one that aims for the moon.

This will be our timeline:

– Attracting talent: What’s your intention for the night? (Feb 20th)
– The first impression: Going for a drink or all in? (Feb 27th)
– Hiring your new colleague: Let’s talk through the night (March 6th)
– From hiring to retaining: Will you be seeing each other again? (March 13th)

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Happy hiring!

Cheers, Charlotte