Cultural Traits Identificator: How we help you start hiring for culture fit

Cultural Traits Identificator: How we help you start hiring for culture fit

I truly believe that, especially in times of rapid growth, your culture can make or break the success of your company. While employers have plenty of clear set strategies for identifying technical competencies they look for in new hires, identifying whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for the company still proves to be challenging. That’s why we have built a cultural indicators feature in our platform. 

After reading this blog, you will find out:

  • Why cultural fit is important for the success of your company
  • How Equalture’s cultural indicators feature helps you start hiring for culture fit

The importance of cultural fit

Especially now, that being remote-first is the new standard, culture serves as the magical web that keeps your team together and motivates them regardless of any physical boundaries. For many organizations, culture has become a crucial pillar. 90% of employers say it is very important to find candidates who are a good cultural fit for their company. Now let’s break it down – what are they & why are cultural traits so important?

The definition of cultural traits is quite simple – they are soft skills, personality traits or cognitive abilities that are characteristic to the employees of the company. However, identifying these cultural traits is not always easy. But I’ll tell you more about that later on in the blog.

The costs of poor culture fit

First, it’s important to understand the costs of poor cultural fit. Chances are that you yourself have worked in a company where you felt like you were not a good cultural fit. If that’s not the case – consider yourself lucky! 82% of professionals say they have worked for an organisation where they disliked the company culture. So, how does poor cultural fit impact people at their workplace? Employees feel frustrated, demotivated, generally hate coming to work and want to leave the organization ASAP. This leaves a significant effect not only on the employee, but also on the organization as a whole.

This is what happens when you start to hire for cultural fit

Now that it’s clear what the negative effects of poor cultural fit are, let’s take a look at what happens when you start hiring for cultural fit. Previous studies have shown that hiring employees who fit the organization culture can lead to three benefits:

  1. Greater overall job satisfaction
  2. Better job performance
  3. Increased retention rate (because everyone is happy to be a part of the team!)

From a business imperative, this is the dream! Yet, on a fundamental level, you should hire candidates that you believe will integrate well with the rest of the team. These new additions to your team should understand the goals and values of your company. As this is what will lead to employees that are productive, happy and determined.

However, there are two main things to consider: it’s good to know what to look for & how to look for it.  

Hiring for culture fit: Translating core values into measurable traits

When it comes to cultural traits and how those represent the core values of your company, it can often be that we make assumptions that are too idealistic. The result? Lots of abstractness and no clear idea about what to look for in future hires when it comes to hiring for cultural fit. 

In practice, however, core values are nothing more than inspiring terms we use to describe desired skills that we want our team to have, or behaviours that we want our team to show. Therefore, in order to start hiring for culture fit, it’s important to reveal those underlying skills and behaviours.

How Equalture helps hire for: Culture fit

As I mentioned previously – finding candidates that fit the company culture is important for your company success. This can be quite a challenging process. Don’t worry – this is why Equalture is here to help you. How does it work? It is a three step process:

the image displays the 3 step process to hire for cultural fit in colored blocks

Through neuroscientific games, we help you reveal skills, personality traits and cognitive abilities of the current teams. In order to find out which traits or abilities represent a cultural trait of these teams, our algorithm looks for games in which the vast majority of your employees have scored above the average or consistently. This is the cultural indicators feature. The more employees complete the chosen set of games, the more accurately we can reveal the cultural traits. Using a gamified approach allows you to collect insights needed to assess the culture fit of a candidate right away. Best thing about this is that you will receive a data-backed assessment of a candidate’s fit already before the first interview. This will not only save you time, it will also allow you to focus your attention on candidates that are best-fit for your company!

To conclude

There are 3 main benefits to using neuroscientific games to discover the cultural traits of your company:

  1. It’s a non-biased, data-driven method to assess candidates
  2. You can introduce assessments very early on in the hiring funnel, or even at the very start of the process. This would ensure you collect all crucial insights for each and every candidate to determine their cultural fit with the company
  3. It’s scalable and doesn’t require human effort from your end.

Curious to see how Equalture’s neuroscientific assessments can help you hire for culture fit?  Get in touch with us and we will be more than glad to tell you all about it.

After all, there’s no successful company without a successful team!

Cheers, Anete

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