22 June 2020

Customer Story: How we help Blanco objectify the hiring process

Blanco is an Amsterdam-based fintech scaleup, developing a banking technology for wealth and asset managers that automates the entire asset management process. Since April 2020 they are working with Equalture to further grow their team.

For this customer story we asked Bernadette Wijnings, Co-Founder and CFO, to share her experiences with Equalture.

What was your biggest hiring challenge that made you decide to start working with Equalture?

”Well, I want to hire the right people and to reduce unnecessary time spent on our hiring process. But let me turn the question around, because we asked ourselves what Equalture could offer us. We had a couple of issues in our hiring processes. Firstly, we were spending too much time on candidates who weren’t a fit with our company or the open job. Secondly, we have high standards regarding our hiring processes so we wanted to be able to assess candidates on the right skills needed for the job.”

”Equalture helps us measure these traits in a data-driven manner, which I’m not able to objectively do myself.”

How is Equalture impacting your hiring practices?

”Now I’m able to spend my time in a more efficient way and make better hiring decisions faster. Equalture enables us to only focus on candidates showing that they have the skills and personality traits that we are looking for to improve our team. Equalture helps us to measure these traits in a data-driven manner, which I’m not able to objectively do myself. Since we are mainly hiring developers, this is a very important aspect in pre-selecting the right candidates.”

What is your favourite feature?

”Candidates being tested on key skills and traits through neuro-assessment games. The element of gamification allows our candidates to apply in an unbiased way. Also, we only receive applications of motivated candidates because they’re willing to apply in a different way without handing over a resume and a motivation letter. The Equalture team itself is also one my favourite features, if I can call it a feature. Their Customer Success team makes sure that the onboarding process goes smoothly while they’re responding immediately if I have questions or comments.”