27 December 2019

Equalture launches the Team Benchmark feature

We’re happy to announce that today we released our Team Benchmark feature to help you make even better hiring decisions! In this blog we explain how it works and what the goal of this feature is.


Let’s imagine you want to hire a new colleague to join your Business Development Team. Cool, but how do you know what you’re actually looking for? What does your next hire need to bring value in your team?

Well, that’s the exact moment where the Team Benchmark comes in.

Conducting a Team Benchmark means we’re going to let your team play a set of neuro-assessment games. The results of these games provide us with an overview of your team’s current skill set and cultural traits. Based on this data and by comparing this data with industry averages, our matching algorithm can help you determine your next best-fit hire for this team.

How it works

In your Equalture Dashboard you can create a new Team Benchmark. We will already provide you with a suggested set of games to let your colleagues play based on the kind of team you would like to benchmark.

Just select the right games, include the right email addresses et voilà. Your team members will now receive an invitation email to participate in the team benchmark.

Once your team members have played the set of games you can find a benchmark report in your Equalture Dashboard. This report provides you with all information required to create an accurate overview of your current team. Now it’s super easy to determine your next best-fit hire for the team based on cultural traits and missing skills.

What are the benefits?

  • Create an accurate, objective and data-driven overview of your current team (skills, skill levels and personality traits);
  • Compare top-performers and low-performers to be able to analyse which traits determine success in your team;
  • Use this information to let our predictive algorithm help you determine your next best-fit hire to add additional skills to your team.

Keen to see the Team Benchmark Feature in action? Just schedule a call with one of our rockstar team members!