10 March 2019

Games are killing resumes and this is the shortest article to explain why.

Gamification in recruitment. It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s good for our image. True, but it’s not just fun. Gamification is the most innovative and reliable method to test your candidates’ potentials. I truly believe in the fact that resumes are gone within a few years. So to all Late Adaptors: Skeptical about my opinion? Well, just keep reading, because I’m going to change your mind within three minutes.

Six reasons why games beat resumes.

The six reasons why games are more valuable to your hiring process than resumes are basically just the six main differences between those two methods. Changing the method = conquering your hiring challenges. Easy, isn’t it? Just read for yourself.

Gamification vs. resumes. (© Equalture, 2019)

Sounds too good to be true, right? Just integrating games into your process and four hiring challenges will be beated. Well, research has shown that — although it might sounds impossible — it’s true.

I can imagine that not every company is ready to fully eliminate resumes. At Equalture we combine games with your LinkedIn profile to give you some freedom in the extent to which you want to let hard requirements out of the process. Curious? Just request a demo to see for yourself.

Hopefully I’ll visit your company’s career site soon with games.

Cheers, Charlotte