30 April 2020

Hiring During COVID-19 #1: Creative Clicks

Hiring During COVID-19: An interview series in which we ask our very own customers to share their hiring strategy during COVID-19 in a nutshell. Just to bring some positivity to the HR-topics. Because hey, every crisis provides companies with new opportunities!

In this first interview we asked Thomas Bickes, HR Manager @ Creative Clicks, to share his plans and advice.

About Creative Clicks

Creative Clicks is the world’s leading data driven marketing platform for mobile and beyond. They empower brands, publishers and marketers to attract and engage with global customers at a massive scale through our proprietary machine learning technology.

  • Tags: B2B, Marketing, Adtech
  • HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 100 employees
  • 5 job openings

How many people are you still planning to hire in 2020?

”We are a lean and agile organization, so hiring really depends on market circumstances and business opportunities. At the moment we have 5 open positions, and we’re always on the look out for online marketing talents.”

You are one of the heros who keep hiring now. Can you explain why?

‘Our business stays booming. Also we see that incredible talents come available due to COVID-19 impact on other companies, this is an opportunity for us.”

What’s your number one hiring advice during COVID-19?

”When physical interviews aren’t possible, focusing on the cultural fit becomes extra important. Not only from the company perspective but also for the candidate. So be extra clear and explicit on what your company culture is like.”