6 December 2020

How psychometric testing improves diverse hiring

This blog is written by Equalture’s CEO for our partner Teamtailor. Therefore, only a preview is presented on this page.

People. They are the most powerful and inspirational creatures on the planet. But at times, also the most foolish creatures on the planet. 

Putting people with different backgrounds, skills and personalities together in a group is a proven success formula to make the ‘impossible’ possible.

Unfortunately, events such as Black Lives Matter have also proven that, despite being aware of the power of diverse groups of people, we not only still tend to form groups with the people within our comfort zone, but we also have non-fundamental views on people that might be outside our comfort zone, based on their background, skills or personalities. 

This also happens in a hiring setting. When looking for a new team member, we tend to hire people who are similar to the people we already have in our teams – knowing that our team performances will be far behind from those of teams who did differentiate themselves through people.

This is a result of our unconscious bias. The mechanism that allows us to make 10,000 decisions a day – but also the mechanism that stimulates us to base hiring decisions on our non-fundamental and subjective views on people.

So, how do we hire more diverse people? Or in other words: how do we challenge our unconscious bias? The answer is actually quite simple. If we want to challenge our unconscious bias, we need to provide our brains with new perspectives on a person. And that’s where psychometric testing comes in. 

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