4 November 2019

How we helped FRMWRK hire best fit candidates while reducing the cost per hire.

FRMWRK is a Dutch Web and Online Marketing Agency, based on Equalture’s hometown, Rotterdam! For this customer story we asked Thomas van Rooijen, Director of FRMWRK, to share how Equalture has impacted their hiring process.

”Now that we see that our most recent hires are performing really well we have proof that Equalture really helps us growing through successful hiring.”

Can you tell us how your hiring process was structured before working with Equalture?

”The hiring process was actually a classic one. Sometimes it was quite hard to find the right candidates so we hired an expensive recruiter to help us with that. One and half year ago we decided that we needed to things differently. The recruiter needed to be replaced by something else who could enable us to efficiently assess incoming candidates to ultimately reduce the cost per hire. On the other hand, we needed to be more visible so we focused on employer branding as well. From that perspective we got in touch with Equalture.”

What made you decide to start working with Equalture?

”We wanted to reduce the cost per hire while increasing the quality of our hires along with the candidate experience of an application procedure. Quite a challenge! We’re an innovative and fast growing company and Equalture’s technology seemed to seamlessly fit with our company culture. Also, we were planning to grow significantly in the coming years. So we already decided to take the hiring efficiency into account but more importantly; the culture. We want to maintain our informal, open company culture where the right genes are passed on to new team members. We were hoping that Equalture could help us with that as well by measuring key cultural traits.”

”Currently we’re sourcing for more people and we already hired five new employees through Equalture in the previous months. The hiring process that Equalture is offering allows us to efficiently select potential new hires and to reduce the cost per hire significantly. Also, I was in touch with one of the co-founders, Fleur. She should receive an award for her ‘sales’ skills. She is so incredibly passionate, determined and convinced that Equalture is the only way to go if you want to measure a candidate’s’ potential and current skills. And most importantly, the product really works. We’re happy with the hires we made in the previous months. Besides, candidates really enjoy playing the gamified assessments which reflects on us as well because candidates see that we’re an innovative company that moves fast.”

How has Equalture impacted your hiring process up till this point?

”The candidates are better, therefore our hires, and the process is incredibly efficient and fast. This resulted in a significant decrease of our cost per hire because we only spend time on candidates who are already assessed to be a good fit. You’ve helped us selecting the right candidates in the beginning of the hiring process. Now that we see that these new hires are performing really well we have proof that Equalture really helps us growing through successful hiring.”

How did you experience Equalture’s onboarding process?

”Amazing. The entire team is so passionate and above all proactively helping us to get the most out of your product. That’s the force of a proper Customer Success team. We’ve been advised to conduct an internal benchmark to measure the current cultural traits and skills of our teams in order to create an ideal profile. We decided what we wanted to measure and the appropriate assessments were linked to these skills. It was a continuous process of checking in and assisting in all aspects to finally have our jobs created in the Equalture dashboard linked to our career site.”

Last but not least: What’s your favourite Equalture feature?

”The integration with our Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). We’re working with Homerun as an ATS and the seamless integration is extremely valuable for us. It’s very easy to import jobs from your ATS into your Equalture dashboard and setup the ‘job matching profiles’. Once the job is published and candidates start applying through Equalture, we receive a notification when we have a new job application and we are able to view Equalture’s Candidate Matching Profile, including the results of the gamified assessments, in our ATS. Super simple and moreover very efficient.”

”Also, however it’s not really a feature, the proactiveness of the team is something I highly value as well. I really appreciate your product and I would recommend you to every company to increase the quality of hires and efficiency in their hiring processes.”