9 April 2019

Podcast #2. HR without tech is dead: 3 must-have technologies for scaleups

Host: Charlotte Melkert
Guest: Wendy van Ierschot (VIE People)
Producer: Folkert Coehoorn

The Hiring Room: A podcast series in which we invite a different guest every month to discuss the innovations in recruitment. 

” HR without technology is like selling a black-and-white TV. In the end, everyone wants color. ”

Wendy van Ierschot

In our second episode of The Hiring Room, our guest is Wendy van Ierschot. Wendy is Europe’s leading HR tech investor and knows everything about HR technologies.

Together with Wendy we discuss why HR without tech won’t exist that long anymore and Wendy explains which 3 technologies are an absolute must-have for scaleups.

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