5 Podcasts About Leadership, Connection, Future of Work and DE&I

This blog is written by Gwen Kolader, VP – Global Head DE&I for Hexaware and Mobiquity. Gwen is part of our Breaking Bias Expert panel with the focus area of Inclusive leadership.

One of things I have done a lot and that I am picking up again, are long walks in nature, sometimes being quiet, sometimes listening to music and a lot of times listening to great podcasts. I like to listen to personal, vulnerable stories being shared, for instance in the ‘We can do hard things’ podcast or Oprah’s Super Soul. 

There are many podcasts out there about Leadership, Connection, Future of Work and DE&I. Let me share some of my favourites, maybe you would like to listen to them too. 

Gwen Kolader's podcasts list for leadership, connection, and future of work and DE&I

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

With decades of experience and working as a professor at the University of Houston, Brene has written multiple interesting books about vulnerability, courage, shame and empathy. She runs two podcasts, ‘Dare to Lead’ and ‘Unlocking Us’ and although she has not launched a new episode in 2023 (yet), there is a ton of episodes to learn from. 

If we want to bring more humanity back into the workplace, more vulnerability in leadership and have meaningful connections with each other, we have to keep on learning about ourselves and about others, and to choose courage over comfort.

Listen to the podcast here

The will to change by Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is a DEI strategist, runs a DEI consultancy business and is the author of the book “How to be an Inclusive Leader”. She is the podcast host of her own show, speaking with a lot of leaders in the field about Diversity & Inclusion and what we can and need to do to create change. She is boldly defining what it means to truly belong – in the workplace, in our families and in our communities. 

She helps us challenge our assumptions – about ourselves, about leaders and about others, and to take meaningful action today for a more inclusive tomorrow.

Listen to the podcast here

The Josh Bersin Company by Josh Bersin

Josh studies the world of work, HR and leadership practices, being a world-renowned industry analyst. He discusses the struggles of today, the challenges of tomorrow and state of the world as we know it.

Some examples of topics he talks about are: ‘Why do corporate pay practices feel so broken?’ or ‘How is AI disrupting the HR Tech marketplace’ and ‘Employees are fed up, what is HR’s mission for the year ahead’. A lot of business learnings to learn from this leader.

Listen to the podcast here

A bit of Optimism by Simon Sinek

We all know Simon from the the ‘Power of Why’ and a lot more. He also runs a podcast with a mission. The world is changing and after the pandemic we are all having to find new ways to connect. Simon talks with people that inspire him about love, life, leadership and silver linings. To find that something that we all need these days, a bit of optimism.

Listen to the podcast here

The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett

Steven is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, author and podcast host. He speaks with a variety of leaders about their remarkable stories. From Gary Vee’s Emotional Confession about his success and family, to Whitney Wolfe Herd about changing leadership to Christian Horner about the Red Bull Racing’s success, to Mo Gowdat about the function of the brain. Many different guests, many different topics, many hours of learning.

Listen to the podcast here

These podcasts have resulted in many moments of recognition, inspiration, a feeling connectedness and some fun. 

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