8 February 2021

Startup Flight #14: As a habit-changer, our #1 USP is also our #1 challenge

Hi there! My name is Charlotte and I’m Co-Founder & CEO of Equalture (a hiring software that leverages gamification to debias hiring for SMBs) and living in the most beautiful city in the world: Rotterdam. Being an entrepreneur for 4 years now and building my second company together with my twin sister, I get a lot of questions from other founders and people thinking about starting their own company.

Since I believe that every single founder experience can be helpful to other founders, I decided to translate these frequently asked questions into a blog series: Startup Flight.

In this fourteenth blog: Why our product’s #1 USP is also our #1 challenge, as a result of building a habit-changing product, and how we deal with this.

Top 5 startups tackling recruitment bias worldwide

This weekend something extremely cool happened. Startus Insights, a data science company that maps the world’s information on innovation, startups & technologies, included Equalture in the top 5 startups tackling recruitment bias worldwideWorldwide! And since our vision is ‘Shaping the world of unbiased hiring’, this is the biggest compliment that we could get.

Now that I am writing this blog, it’s Sunday night. For some people, this is a night that triggers the thought: ‘’Shit, the weekend is almost over’’. For me, it triggers the thought: ‘’YES, a new week is about to start!’’ And that’s simply because it’s the best feeling in the world to run a tech company, together with my amazing team, that’s dedicated to such an important topic: Changing a habit in hiring, in order to eliminate bias.

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