11 May 2020

Team Composition Industry Report: B2B SaaS Scaleups

Equalture’s Team Composition Technology has helped 250+ scaleups develop the right team composition to scale their business – meaning that the people in the different teams collectively represent an optimal mix of skills, competencies and personalities. For this report we focused on the team composition of successful B2B SaaS scaleups.

The importance of Team Composition

The makeup of a team has proven to be crucial to grow your business as a scaleup. Growing your business is all about achieving goal that have been set, and it’s the team who’s responsible for achieving this goal. The success of the team, however, heavily depend on its composition. After all, successful teams are successful because of their mix of individuals, not the sum of individuals. You can put the greatest talents together in a room who, in a teamwork setting, can provide you with the poorest results. Skill gaps in the team will cause significant difficulties on the way to achieve goals. 

About this report

For this report we analysed 78 successful European B2B SaaS scaleup teams of companies ranging from 20 up to 225 people. The following teams have been taken into consideration: Engineering (including Product), Marketing, Business Development (including Sales), Customer Success and People (including both Talent/HR and Recruitment). 

Both team-specific results as well as overall team trends are taken into consideration.