11 March 2019

The Bar Method Playbook I — Attracting Talent: What’s your intention for the night?

The Bar Method: A Playbook Series to attract, hire and retain talent. In this Playbook Series we will cut a typical night at the bar into four different categories. From walking inside the bar up to waking up the next morning. Our goal: making sure that your scaleup’s hiring process is one that aims for the moon.

In this Playbook we’ll discuss how to attract talent — compared to getting ready and starting your night out.

Imagine you’re going out tonight.

And who knows what the night will bring.

So to be fully prepared, my guess is that you will put some effort in your appearance and search for the coolest bar in town that’s fits your mood for the night.

This preparation for and start of the night is basically your Employer Branding — the image and attraction you want to create for your company toward potential candidates.

Employer Branding

You can put as much effort as you want in your clothes and your hair to increase your attractiveness, but if you fail in creating an approachable and sympathetic attitude, your chances will be minimized. Cause let’s be honest: would you approach a person in a bar who’s super attractive but also zero approachable? I probably won’t, but maybe that’s just me.

If also works that way when it comes to Employer Branding. There are three aspects that will make or break your talent attraction process. Curious how I’m going to make sure that you will always remember me when working on your Employer Branding (ánd when walking into a bar)?

Download the Playbook hereAnd please let me know whether you liked it!

Cheers, Charlotte