11 March 2019

The Bar Method Playbook III — Hiring your new colleague: Let’s talk through the night.

The Bar Method: A Playbook Series to attract, hire and retain talent in scaleups. In this Playbook Series we will cut a typical night at the bar into four different categories. From walking inside the bar up to waking up the next morning. Our goal: making sure that your scaleup’s hiring process is one that aims for the moon.

In this third chapter we’ll discuss the actual hiring process (from interviewing candidates up to shaking hands) — compared to how your night at the bar ends after making that first eye contact.

So, are you going home alone?

Maybe not, but I actually hope you are. And this is why.

In the last chapter we were talking about that moment you’re making the first eye contact. This means that the night offers some potential for you as a single woman/man. Potential, however, doesn’t always leads to success. And maybe my definition of success isn’t like yours.

Anyway, from the moment you’re making eye contact the night can end in three different ways:

– You’re going home together;
– You’re exchanging numbers to keep in touch;
– It happened to be a mismatch.

Maybe your definition of success for this night is option one, going home together. Well, that’s not my definition of success. Or at least not for the long run.

I can imagine it has happened to (almost) everyone: a one-night stand. Please don’t blame yourself, it’s human. But although it’s human, I would blame myself if I would be in that situation too often. Why? Well, simply because at 99% of all cases is just short term fun and most people even regret doing it the day after.

One-night stands — and the choice not to do so — are actually quite similar to hiring your new colleague.

Hiring: short vs. long term

In this Playbook I will explain (1) how to prevent your company from having a short term focus when it comes to hiring new colleagues and (2) why having a short term hiring focus is the crappiest mistake you can make. From interviewing candidates up to shaking hands — compared to your night at the bar (and especially the end of your night).

Download the Playbook here and just let me know whether you liked it!

Cheers, Charlotte