18 March 2019

The Bar Method Playbook IV — From hiring to retaining: Will you be seeing each other again?

The Bar Method: A Playbook Series to attract, hire and retain talent in scaleups. In this Playbook Series we will cut a typical night at the bar into four different categories. From walking inside the bar up to waking up the next morning. Our goal: making sure that your scaleup’s hiring process is one that aims for the moon.

In this very last chapter we’ll discuss onboarding and retaining talent — compared to the first date after getting to know each other at the bar.

The night is over. Now it’s up to you.

So we’ve been talking about attracting talent (chapter I), creating the right first impression (chapter II) and actually interviewing and hiring your new colleague (chapter III). Cool, but that’s not where the fairy tail ends — or at least not where I’d like it to end. In fairy tails we should be living happily ever after. In HR we want our best colleagues to be happy and to stay with us for ever.

The day after: what’s next.

Alright, assuming you’ve taken my advice in the last chapter, you’ve exchanged phone numbers with the possible love of your life. Great, that means you are both able to contact each other.

My next advice (as a female, independent and over the top millennial): hard to get isn’t cool anymore. Did you like this person? Keen to spend another night together? Then just give a call or send a message. After all you’ve nothing to lose.

Onboarding: Let’s get to know each other.

So you’ve made the call — or maybe you’ve sent a message (I know, calling is freaking scary). And guess what: this person said yes to seeing each other again! Told you so. When I’m going on a first date my goal for that night is getting to know someone better — finding out whether we share some interests, humor and whether I’d like this person around me.

But it’s not just about me. Yes, I want to get to know this person better, but it’s just as important for this person to get to know me.

Why? Well, simply because it’s not possible to be happy with each other on the long run without really knowing each other — how we think about different topics, what values we carry with us, et cetera.

When translating this into your HR practices, deeply learning more about each other happens during the onboarding process.

That’s why I will talk about onboarding in this very last chapter.

Last but not least: thanks so much for reading this series!

The Bar Method Series has come to an end unfortunately. I really hope you’ve learned something from reading these four chapters.

And I know that many things I’ve told you seem so logical and natural. However, many HR professionals have been overthinking their processes — and when you’ve crossed the line of thinking too much, nothing seems logical and natural anymore.

That’s why this method is just a reminder of how simple attracting, hiring and retaining talent can be — if you do it the right way and in the correct order.

Cheers to the beautiful field called recruitment and please call me in case you feel like you’re overthinking and need someone to make it simple for you again.

Download the Playbook here and just let me know whether you liked it!

Cheers, Charlotte