11 March 2019

The Equalture Story (2): Why we’ve hired a 25-years-old Head of Sales.

The Equalture Story. A series of stories to give you a look behind the scenes of our company. Milestones. Failures. Lessons we’ve learned. Just the honest story about a SaaS startup trying to conquer the world.

In this blog: why we’ve hired a 25-years-old Head of Sales.

25 years old. For me that doesn’t sound young and unexperienced at all. But maybe that’s just because I’m a 22-years-old Co-Founder.

For many people, however, it does sound young and unexperienced. In the Netherlands the average age of students who graduate their bachelor or masters is 25. So I can imagine that our brain links the age of 25 to a junior position.

Let’s meet Max, our Head of Sales!

Max is our brand-new Head of Sales. 25 years old and not junior at all. Over the years he’s gained a lot of expertise in the SaaS market and how to sell a SaaS product. He’s critical, ambitious, more than up-to-date when it comes to market knowledge and he fits into our team and vision. However, many people were quite surprised that we hired such a young professional for the position of Head of Sales. Why is that? The magic (and yet stupid) word: bias.

Let’s face it, we’re biased.

As you might know, Equalture is pre-selection technology that helps you hiring the best candidate for the job. We do that by:

– Making use of our self-learning matching algorithm ánd;
– By eliminating hiring bias. By masking all personal data in the first stage (which is an optional feature, but we would really recommend it) we prevent you from creating a wrong first impression due to your unconscious bias (age, gender, etc.).

The result: never hire the wrong candidate for the job again ánd never lose the perfect candidate again due to your unconscious bias.

These unconscious bias are exactly the reason why people were surprised that Max is 25 years old. And the reason why people even asked for his age — that isn’t relevant at all if you ask me.

Why did we decide to hire Max

Max is the fifth team member we hired by making use of our own technology. The requirements/wishes were clear: we were searching for a candidate who..

– Already had some experience with SaaS sales;
– Had the skills we were searching for — skills that our algorithm advized us to search for based on the expertise field connected to the job.

So that’s what we wanted. We didn’t care about education, years of experience, et cetera. We just wanted someone with a passion for SaaS companies (focus: track record) and the right skillset to rock the job (focus: potential).

So that’s what our technology analyzed: his track record so far and his potential by letting him play a set of neuro-assessment games. The result: he was the perfect fit.

So that’s why we hired Max. Without any bias. And by analyzing both experience ánd potential/skills. Welcome to the team Max, we’re happy to have you on board. ?

In the next Equalture Story I will share the story about how we lost a client for the first time and why that happened.

Cheers, Charlotte