22 March 2019

The Equalture Story (4): Thank god, applicants actually like our product.

The Equalture Story. A series of stories to give you a look behind the scenes of our company. Milestones. Failures. Lessons we’ve learned. Just the honest story about a SaaS startup trying to conquer the world.

In this blog: How we thought applicants might react to our product and what actually happened.

You know what’s even harder than B2B? B2B with a touch of C. Alright, I can imagine that makes no sense to you, so let’s explain myself.

In case you don’t know Equalture yet: we are a pre-selection technology to help you selecting the very best applicant for the job (by predicting an applicant’s potential).

I can hear you thinking: ‘’What does this have to do with applicant reactions?’’ Well, just keep reading.

This is what makes our product B2B with a touch of C.

We’re selling a B2B product, so companies buy a license for one/more year(s) and use our technology to improve their hiring practices. But although we sell our product to companies (B), their applicants (C) will spend a lot of time in our product as well. So it should be a pleasant experience for both of them.

What’s the difference between B and C in our product?

Alright, so companies buy our product and their applicants will use it as well. Let’s explain how that works:

  • Step 1 (B-focus). The company creates a new job matching profile in its Equalture Dashboard (which is linked to a specific job opening). Once the company is happy with this profile, the job will be published.
  • Step 2 (C-focus). Now that the job is published, applicants can apply to this position by walking through the application flow. This flow is part of our platform.
  • Step 3 (C-focus). After finishing the application, the applicant receives a confirmation email from us and, if desired, his/her matching profile.
  • Step 4 (B-focus). After finishing the application, the company receives the applicant’s details and matching profile in its Equalture Dashboard or integrated recruitment system.

So, as you can read, both companies (B) and applicants (C) are working in our product: companies in our dashboard, applicants in our application flow. And it’s freaking important to make sure they’re both happy.

Why we were scared of C..

Selling your product can be tough, especially when selling an innovation – which I can call our product (keep reading, I will explain why..). The positive thing on the other hand: once a company decides to buy our product, they’re fully aware of what to expect. Just keep your sales pitch 1,000% (yes, thousand percent) transparent and honest and success will follow. B will be happy.

However, that’s not how it works for C. Yes, B knows what to expect, but C doesn’t. We sell a product that’s going to change the application process radically, but the people who actually need to go through this application process won’t have a clue up to the moment they start applying. That was freaking scary in the beginning, because we had no clue of how applicants would react and we were desperately hoping that applicants would actually like the way we let them apply: without a resume and by introducing gamification.

..and what actually happened.

And guess what: applicants actually loved our product from the very first minute! We had created a thousand doom scenarios in our heads, like would our product be too disruptive, will applicants accept applying without a resume, who’s going to accept that we ask to flip hamburgers as part of an application? (because we do, read more about it here)

This is how we thought they would react and how they actually reacted:

Expected reaction

Actual reaction

”Huh, where can I upload my
resume? I’ve been putting a shit
load of time in creating a resume
and now I can just flush it down
the toilet?!”

”Finally! A company where it’s not all
about who can design the coolest
resume. I was crappy at making one
anyway, so at least now I’m being
evaluated on what’s really relevant.”

”Flipping hamburgers to show
you that I’m able to prioritize
tasks?! No way, I’m too old for

”Wauw, this is cool! No more boring,
stress-raising number series or
boring questionnaires. It’s short,
it’s fun and it makes me forget that
I’m actually applying to a job. Can
I play it again?!”

”So a self-learning algorithm is
going to judge me? What’s
happening to this world.. Will
robots take over or something?”

”It’s so refreshing that I’m actually
evaluated purely on data that
matters and an algorithm that learns
from previous mistakes. Of course
humans are necessary later on in the
process, but it’s great to know that
the first judgement is actually based
on facts instead of gut feelings and
bias. After all, I know I have the
skills to rock this job.”

We couldn’t be more wrong. We couldn’t be more influenced by our fears and insecurities. Fortunately fear never won from our instinct, stubbornness and belief that this would eventually work.

So yeah, it’s hard to build a B2B product with a touch of C, but as long as you keep having a conversation with both B and C, everything will be alright.

All that stress for nothing. And although I hate to say it: I was wrong. And I couldn’t be more happy about that conclusion!

Cheers, Charlotte