Paying by invoice

In case your company does not allow direct payments or you do not have access to direct payment methods you are also able to be invoiced for your ticket purchase. In case you would like to buy a ticket this way please take the following steps

1. Use access code Ze14ra2sad317€

2. Select the ticket that mentions “Invoice” 

3.1 You will receive an initial ticket and Invoice stating 0€

3.2 Our Equalture Finance Team will send you an invoice with the actual amount to be paid

4. Pay the invoice and your initial tickets are verified and you’re good to go! 

Unpaid tickets will be voided and you won’t be able to attend Breaking Bias Summit 2024.

Still experiencing issues? Please contact and we will walk you through.


Capital C - Amsterdam

Breaking Bias Summit 2024 takes place in what once was the centre of the Amsterdam diamond trade, the new creative hub of the city: Capital C.

It’s a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station, boasts panoramic views across the famous River IJ and is equipped with cutting-edge facilities that are as beautiful as they are modern. It’s a seriously impressive set-up and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The perfect venue for an event which is for the pioneers who want to shape the world of unbiased hiring.