What are Game-based Assessments?

game play starting screen with three buttons

Gamification. It is often introduced during the hiring process to provide a more pleasant and immersive experience for candidates amongst other benefits. What is a game-based assessment? A game-based assessment is a type of assessment or evaluation that uses game-like elements or mechanics to measure a person’s skills, knowledge, and abilities. Some key features of […]

Ella McCann-Tomlin & Dr. Kirsty Gardiner: Building a Culture of Authenticity

Co-authored by Dr. Kirsty Gardiner and Ella McCann Tomlin, the following article draws inspiration from the thought-provoking podcast “In Polite Company” (which Ella co-hosts with Kieron-Scott Woodhouse), specifically the two-part episode titled “Where Are You Really From?” (episode 1 & episode 2).

Below, they explore whether it’s possible to bring one’s authentic self into the professional environment.

Enterprise Recruitment Trends 2023: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Talent Acquisition

Recruitment in the enterprise landscape is full of challenges that demand urgent attention and action. Economic uncertainty, fierce competition for top candidates, widespread skill shortages, and a disconnect between the value placed on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and its implementation, are some of the pressing issues faced by enterprises.  In response to these challenges, […]

Bridging the Gap with Gen Z: Rethinking Recruitment

Gen Z enters the job market and with different demands from employers than previous generations. We’re not talking about a small group here.  Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, will constitute more than a quarter of the global workforce by 2024. And this year alone, the Netherlands will have 5 million inhabitants under the […]

ChatGPT is Taking Over. What Can You Do As a Recruiter?

Using tools such as ChatGPT for job applications gives rise to complex ethical concerns, such as the possibility of candidates presenting themselves falsely to prospective employers. Nevertheless, candidates view it as an essential measure to gain an advantage in a labour market in which talent selection is ridden by unfairness, discrimination and inefficiencies.  ChatGPT is […]