Cognitive & Skills Assessments.

Measure the potential to learn, adapt & perform with our cognitive skills assessments.

What our assessments measure

Cognitive abilities.

Cognitive abilities, also called General Mental Ability (GMA), is the most successful predictor of learning ability and future job performance.

Personality and behaviour.

A person’s behaviour and personality determine their preferred working environment, how they execute their work, and how they interact with team members.

Analytical intelligence.

The ability to apply logical reasoning, solve problems and think critically, is crucial in order to thrive in complex environments and make strategic decisions.

3 things you should know about our assessments.


Scientifically validated.

Equalture’s assessments are scientifically validated by a dedicated team of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, and organizational psychologists. Here you can request our validation studies.


Gamified format.

Our assessments are presented in a gamified format, instead of a traditional format such as a questionnaire. This format prevents social desirability and cultural bias, lowers stress, and improves Candidate Experience.


Easy Reporting.

Easy-to-interpret and actionable candidate reporting for hiring managers, which does not require training. As well as internal benchmarking that allows to benchmark candidates against your team and culture.

Don't take our word for it...

“Fresh, unbiased & innovative process.”

Equalture’s game-based assessments allow us to get a very complete picture of our candidates’ cognitive skills and behaviours, without biases nor preconceptions. We also love their insights about practical applications of individuals belonging to each bucket and the kind of environments they might perform better in.