We don’t replace your ATS. We integrate with it.

An overview of the differences and workflow between Equalture and an Applicant Tracking System.


Applicant Tracking System

A platform that helps you manage and structure your jobs and candidates.


A platform that helps you collect the right candidate insights.

Why to buy

Applicant Tracking System

Having a structured hiring process, with the aim to lower the cost per hire.


Making outstanding and unbiased hiring decisions, with the aim to improve hiring quality.

When to buy

Applicant Tracking System

When you want to have all hiring activities and info stored on one place.


When you want to make better hiring decisions and eliminate bias from your hiring process.


1. Create

Create a new job in your ATS.

2. Configure

Import and configure this job in your Equalture dashboard.

3. Apply

Candidates clicking on ‘apply’ for this job are now redirected to Equalture.

4. Review

After completing Equalture’s application experience, the candidate is sent to your ATS.