Bold customer case: Shaping a culture of critical thinking through 89 sales hires in 6 months

Here is how Bold improved the culture within their Sales team using Equalture’s platform.


Bold is a fast-growing fintech scaleup from Bogota, Colombia. They help entrepreneurs unlock their full potential through financial tools, such as dataphones and payment links.



Job focus

Sales roles

Total number of hires made in 6 months


Average critical thinking ability on a team level increased by


Challenge: the need for inclusive and objective hiring

Challenge 1. Struggling to shape a culture of critical thinking

From analysis on the sales team, Bold has found out that salespeople with higher levels of critical thinking outperformed co-workers with lower critical thinking ability. Having insights into these top-performer indicators for their sales team, Bold was able to set the goal to increase the average critical thinking ability for the entire sales team.

Challenge 2: Streamlining the hiring process while expanding the team rapidly

Bold is experiencing rapid growth. Hiring to support the growth was (and is) one of the highest priorities, the team needed to be expanded extensively in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to be able to meet the hiring goals, Bold’s second goal was to streamline its hiring processes. Reducing time spent on unqualified candidates, making sure only candidates that would fit the role and company advance to the interview stages.

Implementation of Equalture: a 3 step process

When wanting to hire almost 100 people in 6 months’ time, the hiring process requires enormous efficiency. Here’s how Bold managed to do so:

  • Step 1. By conducting a team analysis, Bold could reveal the current level of critical thinking. Based on this input, a minimum required score on this game has been set.
  • Step 2. All candidates who applied to Bold’s sales jobs were immediately and automatically invited to complete the Equalture games.
  • Step 3. Only the candidates who met the minimum required level were invited to an interview, resulting in a very efficient applied-to-interview and interview-to-hire ratio.

Results: shaping a culture of critical thinking through 89 sales hires in 6 months

Before using Equalture

  • Number of sales team members: 16
  • Average critical thinking score: 42%
  • Interpretation of this score: The team might run into difficulties when having to deal with challenges or being asked how to improve something as they might sometimes misinterpret or misdefine the challenge. Also, they will likely apply a trial-error based approach to solving challenges, rather than a more structured approach.


After using Equalture

  • Number of sales team members: 105 (^556%)
  • Average critical thinking score: 57.2% (36%)
  • Interpretation of this score: The team more easily understands and defines a challenge correctly. They can be critical of each other or current methods, and will provided more alternative solutions to a problem. Also, the team will try to apply a more structured approach to solving challenges, rather than a trial-error based one.


By letting all candidates complete Equalture’s games right at the start of the hiring process, the screening-to-interview and interview-to-hire conversions have been improved tremendously.

This enabled Bold to hire 89 people for the Sales team in only 6 months’ time, whilst simultaneously improving the average critical thinking ability by 36%.

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