How we helped The Talent Institute select the highest quality candidates.

The Talent Institute empowers the next generation of young professionals and companies to grow and innovate. They do so by sourcing the best talent, immersing them in the latest digital skills and finally connecting them with some of the most innovative high growth companies all around the world. And we have the honour to help them hiring the best talents!

For this Customer Story we asked Eva Joosten, Head of Talent @ The Talent Institute, to explain how Equalture has impacted The Talent Institute’s hiring process.

Can you tell us how your hiring process was structured before working with Equalture?

”When I started in the beginning of this year (2019) there were not a lot of recruitment processes fixed. For the programs the style of application was online with a CV and a motivation letter; after a phone call candidates were sent a case. If this was positive they were invited for an interview.”

Why did you decide to start working with Equalture?

”My goal is to have the best, but also most innovative and personal selection for our programs. Therefore I need to look into how we can use the newest innovative technologies to get our selection process better. Besides, I am also responsible for selecting more than 140 young professionals per year. This means I should spend my time very efficiently.

I started working with Equalture to raise the quality and efficiency of our selection process while also showing our innovative mindset.”

Equalture helps to give us an objective view of an applicant in one second and it saves time in the beginning of the process, so we can focus on qualitative candidates.

How has Equalture impacted your hiring process?

”Equalture has an impact on three aspects within our recruitment process; (1) time efficiency, (2) innovation and (3) optimisation of selection. 

  1. The Talent Institute is in a scaling phase, which means more applicants, and more hires, but also the quality of our selection needs to become top-notch. Equalture helps me divide my time more efficiently. We select young professionals for two different programs. Because we use Equalture in the first phase of the process, it helps to give an objective view of an applicant in one second and it saves time at the beginning of the process, so we can focus on qualitative candidates. 
  2. We are building a community of digital young professionals within the innovation and digital marketing field. The games show our affection for that field. Applicants experience it as a very fun, competitive, and a new way of recruitment!
  3. We have been using the data of the past months to optimise the benchmark and optimise the selection. We can use the data to see if we can see a trend and act on that. It helps us to get the best quality hires for our programs.”

”Applicants experience the gamification part as very fun, competitive and a new way of recruitment!”

What’s your favourite feature?

”Although it’s not really a feature, I would say the Customer Support. You respond incredibly fast when I have a question or need help.”

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