SF Market Customer Case: 116% improved retention by making use of non-cheatable games

SF Market Customer Case: 116% improved retention by making use of non-cheatable games

SF Market (part of EuropeFX) is a German scaleup, aiming to make trading accessible to everyone. They offer their clients a professional, transparent, and above all fair trading platform based on the latest technologies. We interviewed Pascal Frühling, Head of People & Culture, to hear how Equalture’s non-cheatable games helped them increase their retention from 37% to 80%.

Why SF Market partnered up with Equalture

Which challenge did SF Market face when deciding to look for a solution?

”For our commercial teams, our retention was unfortunately only 37%. We spend a lot of time training new employees, so when only 37% stays, the benefits don’t make up for all the costs anymore.”

What made you decide to partner up with Equalture?

”What really got me sold is the fact that people can’t cheat the games. We also considered Predictive Index, before booking a demo with Equalture. However, that’s exactly the type of test that you can cheat.

In contrast to that, Equalture isn’t a test where you answer questions, thinking “how would a sales manager answer these?”. It’s games with simple instructions that measure specific skills/personality traits of you, and you can’t change how you play them. It’s this bias-free objectivity that has fully convinced me that this software is the right choice.”

A visual of one of the games that is non-cheatable and measures a specific skill/personality trait.

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How Equalture is being used in the process

”We let all candidates complete the games, before having an interview with them. Then, 15 mins before we have the interview, the Recruitment team discusses the candidate’s results, together with the hiring manager. After the interview has been conducted, we look at the results once more, to reflect on the representation of the scores during the interview. I’d say it really helps in ‘early troubleshooting’, as these games provide us with insights we would otherwise not get.”

What impact has Equalture made

”Before implemented Equalture, our retention rate was 37%. This means that, of all people who started their onboarding and training program, only 37% completed this. As I mentioned before, Equalture helps us in getting a reliable overview of someone, and it provides us with insights that we would otherwise not get. While self-assessments can be cheated in a certain way, this is not the case here. You play as “good” as you play and your score reflects the true current state of your skills. 

We are working with Equalture for a longer period of time now, which allows us to compare the retention rates before and after implementing Equalture. Since we’re working with Equalture, our retention rate is 80%. This means a 116% increased retention rate.”

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