FRISS Customer case: Moving the culture fit assessment to the start of the hiring process

FRISS Customer case: Moving the culture fit assessment to the start of the hiring process

FRISS is a Dutch software company, focused on automated fraud and risk detection for P&C insurance companies worldwide. FRISS was founded in 2006, and counts over 175 team members today. We interviewed Shravan Rangarajan, Recruiter at FRISS, to hear how Equalture has helped FRISS reach its hiring goals.

Why FRISS partnered up with Equalture

Which challenge did FRISS face when deciding to look for a solution?

‘’Our biggest challenge was getting culture fit right, and also assessing this earlier in the hiring process. What happened very often is that candidates already went through a lot of stages of the hiring process, when it turned out that the culture fit wasn’t right. We felt like it wasn’t fair towards candidates to ask that amount of time from someone who turns out to be not fitting the culture.’’

What made you decide to book a demo with Equalture?

‘’Funnily enough, you instantly popped up in my mind, as I actually went through Equalture once as a candidate. Last year I was looking for a job, and I applied to a company that I can’t remember the name from anymore, but I did for sure remember the job application experience itself, as I had so much fun playing the games. So, I looked up the automated email with my scores I received back then, to find out what the name of the tool was. And that was Equalture!’’

What made you decide to partner up with Equalture?

‘’The gamification aspect, so the fact that all tests are games, instead of a traditional format. What really stood out to me when applying through Equalture myself was that it was short, fun, and different. It’s something that most candidates haven’t experienced before, so it, therefore, sticks into your mind. And that’s what I also wanted to achieve for FRISS.’’

A visual of one of the games that is non-cheatable and measures a specific skill/personality trait.

Want to try a game yourself?

How Equalture is being used in the hiring process

Where in the hiring funnel do you make use of Equalture?

‘’We use Equalture right at the start of the funnel. As soon as a candidate clicks on ‘apply’ on our career site, they are sent to Equalture. Here we ask them to share their LinkedIn profile with us and play the games. The results of the candidates are being sent to our ATS automatically after the candidate has completed their job application. So, this means we’re also no longer working with a resume.’’

Which feature do you value the most?

‘’The Team Analysis feature. For us, it’s really important that when evaluating a candidate, we are able to see where this candidate falls in with respect to the rest of the team members. We don’t want to look at candidates in isolation and just rate them as good or bad, but we want to see to what extent their skills, for example, compliment the rest of the team, and if they contribute to our culture. By letting the current teams complete the games first, this feature allows me to see how we score on company-level, but also on team-level, which helps in determining what to look for in our candidates.’’

Which people at FRISS are making use of Equalture?

‘’We currently have implemented Equalture for most teams, and we will spend the coming months to roll out Equalture for all teams. The people that are using Equalture are my colleagues from the People team, and the hiring managers and team members of the teams that already use Equalture now.’’

What do the hiring managers think of Equalture?

‘’They are really enthusiastic about it. One of them recently mentioned to me that if they see a resume now, instead of an Equalture profile with game scores, they feel like it’s an incomplete job application. What also really helped here is that the hiring managers played the games themselves as well, as part of their Team Analysis, so they instantly knew a lot about the different games and scores because of that.’’

What impact Equalture has made and plans moving forward

What has been the impact of using Equalture?

‘’We have noticed a couple of things. First of all, we experienced that for the teams that we use Equalture for, they are way more aware of their team composition and a candidate’s team fit. This resulted in the fact that they are for example less heavily focused on technical fit anymore, but focus more on team fit instead.

Another thing we have seen, which is very much in line with the reason why we partnered up with Equalture, is the fact that candidates are no longer rejected because of a lack of culture fit later on in the process. From the game scores, the teams can accurately evaluate culture and team fit right at the start, and they use the first interview to validate this every now and then if needed. So where it used to happen a lot that candidates were rejected because of culture fit later in the process, we now see that candidates are only rejected later on because of for example a lack of technical fit. This means that we are spending less time interviewing candidates, and even more importantly, we don’t ask a lot of time anymore from candidates who lack culture fit.’’

What are your plans with Equalture moving forward?

‘’As we’ve been using it for six months now, we can draw a first conclusion from the success of the hires, which looks very nice so far. I’d like to use the next six months to build a more detailed case on the increase in retention as a result of using Equalture. And I’d like to roll out Equalture for the entire business by Q1 2022.’’

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