How we helped Azavista raise their hiring quality and Candidate Experience.

Azavista helps corporate events professionals and conference professionals to streamline event planning and improve their event experience through event (planning) technology.

For this customer story we asked Gabriel Thomaidis, People Operations Consultant at Azavista, to explain the impact of Equalture’s pre-selection technology on their hiring quality and Candidate Experience.

What was your biggest hiring challenge before working with Equalture?

”Our team is growing rapidly, 42% over the last year. One of the biggest challenges for our hiring team is how to optimise Candidate Experience (since this is key to attract the right talent) while speeding up the candidate screening process and ultimately raise our hiring quality.

Traditional methods like resume screening are time-consuming and in most cases don’t reveal the whole truth about a candidate. Therefore we were searching for a tool that could help us both to assess a candidate’s skills and personality and to ‘automate’ the interpretation of these results. Moreover, it should be fun for candidates to conduct these assessments. So our biggest challenge was finding a tool that could help us with all these different hiring goals.”

How has Equalture impacted your hiring process?

”Our Candidate Experience is better than ever – since our candidates love the gamified assessments -, our recent hires demonstrate remarkable job performances and finally our process is less time-consuming now that we purely focus on the high-potential candidates – based on the matching scores.

So to summarise: (1) Not that we’re seen as an innovative employer with a fun process we attract more candidates and offer them a better experience, (2) we spend our time during the process on the right candidates and (3) we experience a significant increase in our hiring quality.”

What’s your favourite feature?

”Definitely the games since it tells us a lot about our candidates in terms of skills and personality while it also serves our goal setting in terms of Employer Branding.”

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