How we help VIE People hire best-fit people through gamified assessments.

How we help VIE People hire best-fit people through gamified assessments.

“Now we can assess the right skills and attract the right talents, resulting in hiring the best fitting candidate.”

VIE People is a full-service HR co-sourcing and consultancy firm based in The Netherlands, working worldwide! For this customer story we asked Sarah de Kock to share how Equalture has impacted their hiring process so far.

How was VIE People’s hiring process structured before working with Equalture?

“We first had a phone screening with our candidates, followed by a speed date to get to know the candidate better. Depending on the job, we had two interviews, one with a case and one with a personality test. We checked if someone has previous work experience in a start-up or scale-up and if the impression in the interview was aligned with the resume.”

What made you decide to start working with Equalture?

”For VIE People the most important aspect we wanted to add to our hiring processes is innovative. We also want to hire new team members which are an actual fit to our company. People who would like to apply through gamified assessments would probably fit our company as well because we’re focusing on HR Tech. These aspects also contributed to making our hiring processes more efficient and to ultimately hire the best candidate who fits the job and the company and adds value to the team. We also wanted a different way in reviewing candidates.”

How has Equalture impacted your hiring process up till now?

After implementing Equalture we were able to skip the speed date, so our hiring processes became way more efficient. It’s also important for us that candidates like this way of applying. Offering gamified assessments in the pre-selection phase really proves our focus on innovations as well. The chance that candidates fit in with our culture is probably bigger if they like this way of applying. Applicants also don’t feel assessed as in a traditional assessment. Probably because the duration is short and the games are fun! They understand that we want to measure certain skills and personality traits, now the results are also unbiased and provide a good candidate experience.”

“Now we also invite candidates which might not be invited before. Sometimes someone doesn’t have a fit in terms of requested work experience, but the results on the assessments were really good. These candidates will still be invited and hired in the end where they perform really well. In these cases it’s valuable that we can test the skills which we want to test, resulting in hiring the best fit.”

Last but not least: What’s your favorite Equalture feature?

”The candidate matching profile. After someone applies we receive a profile of this candidate in our hiring software that gives us a very clear overview of the candidates’ skill set, personality and potential. Also, there is new documentation provided on how to interpret the assessment results for each department specific. That’s really useful for us because every skill is different for each department and job within VIE People and at our clients! I can imagine that not every recruiter knows exactly what’s expected of someone working in HR or a different department, now that’s possible with this kind of information.

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