How we helped weGrow raise their hiring efficiency.

How we helped weGrow raise their hiring efficiency.

weGrow International helps the most fast-growing and promising scaleups in Europe expand internationally through market research, go-to-market strategies, marketing & positioning strategies and business development support.

For this customer story we asked weGrow to explain the impact of Equalture’s pre-selection technology on their hiring practices and company growth.

How was your hiring process structured before working with Equalture?

”The hiring process was quite time-consuming. We assessed candidates by ourselves (sometimes up to 200), where we would get together multiple times to structure the applications we received. Then we were looking into their LinkedIn profiles and assess their application one by one. Our co-founders were constantly busy with assessing these candidates manually, ultimately to get it down to 10/15 people after the first selection.

The biggest difference in that process and in working with Equalture is that the process in hiring someone is really short and way less time-consuming now because we already know their overall intelligence, skills and culture fit through the gamified assessments and the matching scores.”

What made you decide to start working with Equalture?

”Our business is growing, which in turn leads to more open position at weGrow. We wanted to have an assessment or pre-selection tool do the job. Before, our co-founders realised they spent a lot of time selecting the right candidates and wanted to make the process better as well as less time-consuming. Not changing our hiring processes would take away the time for our growth. So we decided to let a software make our processes more efficient while improving the quality of our decisions as well.

How has Equalture impacted your hiring process?

”Equalture helped us to establish a strong comparison between candidates, where we’re able to select the right candidate for our team to make our team stronger. With using Equalture we don’t get social desirable answers but skills are backed up with actual data. We are able to make the right decisions in selecting candidates by using Equalture because in practice it’s a perfect filter. This benefits our growth and saves us a lot of time and money in the hiring process. I’ve never seen our co-founder shine so much as lately because he gets the very best new colleagues for the teams with a more balanced time-investment.

Also, what I really like is that we’re able to take away the CV part for applicants. It’s hard to hire someone. You’re easily biased, especially when you don’t have 30 year experience in a company. It happened that someone had a really good CV, they had a good interview and it seemed later that someone wasn’t the right fit.

We see that applicants are always changing their CV depending on where they’re going to apply. Since they can easily import their data from LinkedIn, do their assessments and they’re done, these candidates have a really good impression of our company and a good experience during the application process. 

We’re not hiring people to teach them how it works, we hire people so they can teach us how it works. And you need to have the right personality and skills to do this, now we can actually measure these aspects.”

Last but not least: What’s your favourite feature?

”Although it’s not really a feature, definitely the Customer Success part. The support that we’ve had so far is amazing. It’s personal, we can reach out and you’ll get back to us with a solution in a couple of minutes. This takes away potential frustration as well because it can happen that you don’t understand a part of your product fully and with this kind of support it’s being taken away. I’m happy that you can count on the fact that, if there’s any kind of issue, we can reach out and that it’s going to be solved quickly.

Besides, I’m also a big fan of the games and the way your product is super user friendly. I can decide myself where and what is important to our business to be assessed. I have the independence to get the results where I’m interested in. I think that everyone should benefit from your product!

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