Myos use case: From experience-oriented to skill-oriented evaluations

Myos use case: From experience-oriented to skill-oriented evaluations

About Myos

Myos is a FinTech scaleup from Berlin, founded in 2018 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs. With their unique and disruptive risk model, they are breaking completely new ground: They use the transparency and availability of data on e-commerce platforms to take the future sales potential of retail products as a basis for financing decisions. In this way, they enable retailers worldwide to grow fully digitally and flexibly.

Hiring process before implementing Equalture

Before implementing Equalture, they asked candidates to apply with their CV and cover letter. The screening of candidates was based on the CV and cover letter, and was followed by an interview process for the candidates who made it through the screening. 

Problem(s) with this hiring process

Myos found it hard to:

  • Evaluate candidates in an unbiased manner;
  • Predicting a candidate’s fit with the required (soft) skills to fit the job and team.

Hiring process after implementing Equalture

Now, candidates will first have to complete Equalture’s neuroscientific games, measuring cognitive skills and personality traits, before their CV and cover letter are being reviewed. First, candidates are evaluated based on their results on the games, before Myos looks at their CV and cover letter.

Results: Increased and diversified candidate pool through unbiased, skill-oriented screening

Now that Myos can focus more on evaluating the actual (soft) skills of their candidates, their talent pool for an interview has both increased and diversified. This is because of the fact that candidates who wouldn’t have made it through a CV screening, as a result of not having the ideal work experiences, now actually can be invited to a job interview, if their results on the games match the (soft) skills to fit the job and culture. This means that the evaluation method is shifted from an experience-oriented evaluation towards a more skill-oriented evaluation.

This is what Zarifa, Myos’ HR & Recruitment Manager, says about Equalture:

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