Pitchup Customer Case: Improved Candidate Experience

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Pitchup.com is a multi-award-winning online agent for booking camping and caravan parks. 

They make it a doddle for people to book their perfect outdoor escape. Why? Because outdoor holidays are better for our wellbeing, better for rural communities and better for the planet. 


Karin Mankour

Talent Acquisition Manager @ Pitchup

Karin has worked in Talent Acquisition for 15+ years with a track record of working with scaling/high growth companies building teams across all areas of the business.

Challenges to solve with Equalture

  • Measuring soft skills objectively. 
  • Improving candidate experience.
  • Gaining insight into existing culture and behaviours.
  • Building a diverse team by understanding the existing team.

Why Equalture?

  • Behavioural testing in a different way.
  • Bringing a new, interesting and memorable process to the candidates.
  • The candidate profiles help to build a bigger picture of the candidates.
  • The questions around behaviours help with gaining a better understanding of a candidate.




  • Better quality of candidates.
  • Better talent pool.
  • Better candidate experience.



  • Reduce employee churn.

  • Culture fit.

  • Security in hiring decisions.

How does Pitchup use Equalture?

The hiring teams, HR, and MD use Equalture before the first stage interview. The majority of our Hiring Managers will use the profiles as an aid to their interviews, but most attention to the profiles is covered by the team analysis function prior to the first interview.

What has Equalture helped you to achieve so far?

"We have been able to see some initial trends around the hires that we have made and how this is relating to them settling into the business."

We have found that the candidates are more engaged in the process as they generally enjoy the Equalture games and are often curious to discuss the outcomes in an interview which leads to some great discussions.

Even if they might not agree with one of the outcomes of the games, it is still insightful to understand why and only provides more information about them.

What is your favourite feature?

I like the ability to compare the candidate to the existing team and then also to the greater business. I also like the ability to quickly access good interview questions related to the behaviour. That enables me to dig deeper around perhaps a lower score.

Data points which improved as a result of using Equalture

Improved candidate experience 4.3/5

Comments left by candidates:

These past 20 minutes have been an absolute blast. I believe this is the best way of learning and sharing as with those, every person has to be honest and show a side we rarely have to show during the interview process.

It was engaging and fun, and I can see how it's useful for the employer too. I've never done one of these before but think it's a great idea.

What are your future plans with using Equalture?

"Equalture has been great to add more insight to what we learn in interview."

In times when we have been undecided between candidates, we use the candidate Equalture profile to aid our decision making.

In the future we plan to keep building the profiles of what a successful person looks like in Pitchup in terms of their behaviours and use this to guide us in our hiring decisions.

Karin Mankour, Talent Acquisition Manager @ Pitchup

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