Why Blanco is choosing Equalture’s Applicant Profile over resumes

Why Blanco is choosing Equalture’s Applicant Profile over resumes

Blanco is a Dutch fintech scaleup that develops a Wealth Management Platform for wealth and asset managers, which automates the entire asset management process for them. Blanco was founded in 2015 and had been growing rapidly from day one. Today, they are counting 60 inspiring team members, and their ambitions reach even much further. Within a few years, Blanco aims to have at least 200 people on board. 

Blanco is run by their inspiring female CEO, Bernadette Wijnings.

About Vivienne Bonefaas

Vivienne Bonefaas is Blanco’s People Manager and has more than ten years of experience in HR and recruitment. Vivienne joined Blanco in November 2020 with a clear mission: Making HR sustainable. Her job is making sure that everything Blanco does with regards to HR is sustainable and future-proof. Everything she is building now should also work in the future, within a constantly changing environment.

Why Blanco started working with Equalture

Both Vivienne and Blanco’s CEO Bernadette Wijnings are firm believers of the power of diversity. ‘’Eventually, diversity shouldn’t be a goal at Blanco, but a matter of course. And that starts with ensuring equal hiring opportunities’’. 

For Vivienne, equal hiring opportunities go hand in hand with letting go of the importance of the resume.

‘‘I don’t believe in resumes, as they don’t reflect on interpersonal differences. Very different people can have very similar resumes. But it doesn’t mean that they are all doing the job the same way or the right way for your company. When trying to make the best possible hiring decision objectively, there should be more focus on someone’s personality and capabilities. Rather than someone’s past experiences.’’

How Equalture is being used at Blanco

‘‘Successfully using Equalture for us starts with being able to properly communicate to our applicants why we value Equalture so much. Finding a job can be very stressful, and being asked to play neuroscientific games can therefore be frustrating too, if applicants don’t understand the reason behind it. We always communicate very clearly how Equalture’s neuroscientific games help us create an objective first impression of someone, in which the focus lays on who someone actually is, rather than just what someone did. Applicants highly appreciate that.’’

Blanco’s hiring process

3 step hiring process

Games for an objective first impression, interviews for the human touch

‘‘We let all applicants apply through Equalture. This means that they start applying with LinkedIn, they can also share their experiences in Equalture. Lastly, they will be asked to complete a set of neuroscientific games right away. This also means of course that we don’t receive a resume anymore, but Equalture’s Applicant Profile instead.’’

‘‘The results of the games help us get a clear, objective impression of someone’s fit with the skills and behaviors that we are looking for. If it turns out that the results are too far apart from what we are looking for, we decide not to continue with this applicant.

‘‘The interview, following on this screening, is the deep dive for me. The games provide me with an objective first impression and prevent me from wrongfully rejecting or advancing applicants, but I do value the interviews also a lot still. After all, we’re all people, and building a team is all about people, so I don’t believe we should let technology replace the human being entirely during a hiring process. Instead, I believe in the helping hand and guidance of technology here. That’s why technology comes first in our process, followed by human interaction.’’

Future opportunities with Equalture

‘‘Diversity is about more than demographic diversity. Neurodiversity (diversity of skills and behaviors) is also an important one that we’d like to focus on here at Blanco. Equalture’s Teams feature provides a very clear overview of the gaps in the team. So for example, whether the ability to prioritize is represented well enough. What I would like to do more in the future is making use of the insights that the Teams feature provides us with, so that we can not only objectify our hiring, but also start hiring for neurodiversity.’’

Hiring trend to follow: Vivienne’s tip

‘‘I would recommend people to learn more about gamification in hiring. It’s without a doubt a much more reliable and objective method to get to know people, but it’s also very new for most people. When having a better understanding of how this actually works, what scientific approach is being used, and so on, we will also embrace gamification more as a proven method to hire more unbiased.’’

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