Resumes don't work. Games do.

Ever played a game to apply for a job? Try it now. 👇

Hundreds of companies have replaced CVs with our neuroscience games. Here's why.

Education and work experience have a correlation of respectively 0.10 and 0.16 with job performance. In contrast to that, a person’s behaviour and General Mental Ability (GMA) have a correlation of respectively 0.45 and 0.65 with job performance. And that’s exactly what our games measure

Why games instead of a traditional assessment?

Non - trainable.

In contrast to the classic cognitive ability tests, such as the Figure Series test, games are unknown, thus non-trainable. Therefore, game-based assessments provide you with results you can trust in.

Non - manipulable.

In contrast to a classic personality questionnaire, games can not be manipulated or played in a socially desirable way.

No culture bias.

Socially desirable behaviour is different for different cultures. As games prevent the interference of socially desirable behaviour, they also prevent the chances of cultural background influencing the assessment results.

Engaging for candidates.

Games provide candidates with an immersive experience, which makes them forget about the fact that they are being assessed. Candidates rate our Equalture’s game-based 4.5/5.

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