Without us being aware of it, our biased habits kill our businesses.

We set unrealistic job requirements based on guesswork or templates from Google, rather than proper analyses.

We desperately hold on to previous experiences and education as a proxy for job fit. 

We let our feelings drive hiring decisions, rather than our rational mind. 

The result: Candidates wrongfully being rejected or walking away. Both killing your business.

It's time to break our habits.

Say goodbye to the deep-rooted, biased hiring practices that have been the global standard for decades.

Focus on potential rather than a CV.

Focusing on a candidate’s past not only leads to inequalities, but has also proven to be the weakest predictor of job performance. 

Equalture’s game-based assessments focus on cognitive abilities (GMA) and behaviours,  the strongest predictors of job performance. 

Analyse job requirements rather than getting them from Google.

Job requirements are oftentimes unrealistic, based on guesswork or simply picked from Google, resulting in candidates being wrongfully filtered out.

Equalture cuts subjectivity by analysing your existing team and by letting hiring managers complete our Hiring Criteria Identification Survey (HCIS).

Test candidates with games rather than traditional questionnaires.

Traditional personality questionnaires and cognitive tests are endlessly trainable, can be easily faked, are culturally biased ánd cause anxiety. 

Equalture’s games are non-trainable, non-manipulable, free from biases ánd very enjoyable, which ensures an equal treatment of all candidates.

Introduce an assessment at the start to everyone rather than later to some.

When introducing an assessment later in the hiring process, many candidates are filtered out already and your first impression of someone is based on subjectivity.

Equalture’s games are introduced at the start of the process to provide all candidates with an equal opportunity and form a data derived first impression. 

''Equalture has done an incredible job making us look at talent differently.''

We gained a completely new perspective of what kind of talent Pon needs. Managers think differently about who to hire and what skills are needed for these jobs. 

It’s a unique tool that not only allows Pon to create a bias-free hiring process, but also to start the conversation about Diversity, Equality & Inclusion internally.

Equalture’s reports are easy to understand and interpret for our hiring managers, they provide us with new insights, and candidates absolutely love the games.

Tamara Spuij, Manager HR & Development at Pon automotive