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Inspiring Keynotes

Hear from the people that shape the Talent acquisition and Recruitment world of tomorrow.

Interactive Workshops

Participate in interactive workshops for you to gain practical experience with real-life use cases.

Engaging Panel Discussions

Diverse experts share insights, fostering dynamic conversations on key topics.


Explore the intricate dynamics of fostering psychological safety within teams and its pivotal role in cultivating a thriving, high-performance culture. Marcia Goddard delves into real-world examples, including insights from the world of Formula 1, as our speaker and her team leverage their PhD-level expertise to empower organizations and government institutions with strategies for promoting wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainable success at all levels.

Learn about the landscape of hiring is evolving beyond traditional resume-based methods with Charlotte Melkert. Discover the key labour market challenges prompting this shift, and learn to recognise warning signs that your current recruitment strategies may have.

Toby Mildon dives into the utilisation of data to drive recruitment strategies. He shares best practices, use cases, and the role of analytics in making informed decisions for current and future recruitment directions. Explore how assessment for data analytics can be leveraged with an inclusivity methodology to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Join the panel discussion where industry experts delve into the complexities of recruiting and retaining blue-collar workers. Discover actionable insights for overcoming challenges such as the plethora of job options available to workers and the integration of technology with evolving skill requirements.

Discover how to attract diverse candidates with Mélanie Bosboom, representing a disruptor in male-dominated industry and empowering women to reach their full potential. Drawing from data-backed insights and community engagement, learn about how a team can facilitate connections, addressing challenges such as networking barriers and biased hiring practices. Learn how to guide your company in optimizing their employer branding strategies, from crafting inclusive job postings to fostering environments that retain diverse talent.

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