Still relying on CVs in hiring? Here’s why to use talent assessment instead.

When hiring based on CVs, your assumptions will make you miss out on great talent resulting in costly mishires. 

CV's don't predict performance. Talent assessments do.

Talent assessment is a process that companies use to identify which candidate will perform the best and be the right cultural fit. It aims to predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance and how long they will work at the company.

There are two main aspects talent assessments measure:

  • Aptitude. Aptitude tests measure cognitive ability/General Mental Ability (GMA). For example, solving complex problems, reasoning analytically or adapting to changing circumstances. Cognitive abilities largely constitute what most people intuitively call intelligence.
  • Personality and behaviour. A person’s behaviour and personality definee how they will interact in the workplace. Having these insights helps to understand which responsibilities/tasks fit someone, how a person can be coached, and how they will behave in a team setting.

Talent assessment is important for four different reasons:

  • Focus on learning/potential. We are in a constantly changing labour market. According to the World Economic Form, in 2025 85M jobs have disappeared that we still had in 2020. In contrast to that, 97M new jobs will arise. This means it will get impossible to screen candidates based on previous experiences, while learning ability will get more and more important.
  • Predictive power. Talent assessment places focus on personality, (soft) skills and cognitive ability, which have proven to be the best predictors of future performance.
  • Efficient. You are provided with an already interpreted report for each and every candidate, in a standardised format, saving you a lot of screening time.
  • Objective/unbiased. All results are collected automatically and are based on scientific, validated research.

Introducing Equalture's game-based talent assessment.

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FERRY – 8-13 MIN

Problem solving & analytical thinking.

This game provides insights into candidates’ analytical intelligence and overall abilty to solve more complex problems.



Learning ability.

This game provides into candidates’ ability to cope with information and learn new things fast and easy.



Working style.

This game provides you with insights on how someone approaches their work and tells you how they will complete a task, helping you not only to coach this person but also to know what to expect.



Workplace interaction.

This game provides insights on how someone interacts with others in the workplace which help you stay productive as a team and reach company goals.




This game provides insights into candidates’ ability to adapt their thoughts, behaviours and strategies to new and unexpected situations in a changing environment.

''Equalture helped me look beyond the CV & make better hires."

I work for a high growth scale-up, an insanely important time to attract and hire the best talent. Equalture has supported me to drive more certainty into our decision-making during the hiring process.

It has given me insights into potential skills and personality traits needed for scaling our business.

All while creating an unbiased hiring process that allows us to make decisions based on data rather than gut feeling.

Anne Van Hal, People Partner – Global Talent Acquisition at Meatless Farm