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About Equalture

Fleur Melkert & Charlotte Melkert, Co-Founders of Equalture: ‘’We know how to make your business fly.’’

‘’As founders of a company, we know that you should never try to know everything. However, we believe in one principle: a founder’s idea should be born from experience in practice. With our experience as co-founders of a recruitment agency, we know how to translate your hiring process into your key success factor. Our experience is our first building block for Equalture.’’

Fleur and Charlotte successfully started a recruitment agency two years ago. During this time, Fleur and Charlotte discovered a pattern of struggles in the first stage of the recruitment cycle: screening and matching candidates. Many companies struggle with the following aspects:

  • How to deal with the huge amount of applications? How are we going to accurately check every applicant in a short time?
  • What are we really searching for? Should this vacancy focus on personality - given its low seniority level; or should we focus more on for instance education?
  • And last but not least: how to deal with human bias?

Over the last two years, Fleur and Charlotte have amassed all screening and matching issues their clients have experienced to build an innovative tool where all these issues can be conquered once and for all. Welcome to Equalture.


Human bias: why we can’t miss them

Anyone who says you can learn to judge people without any bias is lying. Being biased is part of a crucial process in our brain which helps us to build a frame of reference. This frame of reference allows us to make more than 10,000 (micro)decisions per day. So instead of fighting against these processes (which aren’t always necessarily bad), we simply anonymize all candidate profiles to eliminate all possible bias.

Learn by experiencing, not by listening

We do not believe in the long-term impact of courses that teach you how to conquer or influence human bias. All our bias are deeply rooted in our frame of reference, many of which we have developed from practical experiences in daily life. Our goal is not to make people listen to our story about why human bias badly influences your hiring process and company performances. Our goal is to make sure you learn from your experiences. Blind hiring fosters diversity in companies. At the point where teams are truly getting diverse, that’s when we want you to experience the gap between your bias and reality. By implementing Equalture, we believe this gap can be bridged. And by bridging this gap, we can adapt our frame of reference.

The Equalture Team

The Equalture Crew: a perfect blend of creativity, guts, technical wizardry, experience and expertise. We’ve got our own talents to make our business fly!


  • Charlotte Melkert

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Fleur Melkert

    Co-founder & COO

  • Sander Ottens

    Front-end Developer

  • Willem Schwarte

    Back-end Developer

  • Martijn van Wageningen



  • Ingeborg van Harten

    Head of Talent and Engagement @Irdeto

  • Raymond Van der Wal

    Managing Director Enterprise Solutions EMEA @VRP Consulting

  • Saskia Bekkers

    HR Director @Tele2

  • Jeroen Groot

    Interim CFO


We have developed an innovative personality test in collaboration with a team of Assessment Psychologists.

The Business Power Personality Test aims to analyze people’s professional behavior. This test distinguishes itself from other personality tests by purely focusing on personal behavior in a professional, work-related setting. We have chosen to solely focus on work-related behavior because of the differences that people show in a professional setting and a private setting. Most of the current personality tests are mainly focused on private behavior and aim to translate this into an understanding of a person’s behavior in a professional setting. Values, standards and beliefs are examples of personality traits which are equal in both settings. However, traits that influence professional growth, emotional empathy and reflection can be different for both settings. This is why we focus on personality traits in a professional setting.

<>Curious to read more about the test and what the results implicate? Just download our e-book.