Kick-ass matching, top notch hiring

Talented people create opportunities; the right combination of those talents can make your business fly. We offer all features you need to find the right pilots for your flight.

Equalture is perfect for:


Create your ideal candidate profile

Personality, skills, education and job experience: these aspects determine your ideal candidate. We guide you through the process of analyzing and weighting these elements to find the right candidate for the job.

Never underestimate skills and personality

Personality and skills are two important yet undervalued predictors of hiring success. As a result of that, we help you to integrate these aspects during the screening and matching process. To do so, we have developed an innovative personality test in collaboration with a team of assessment psychologists.

Use Machine Learning to optimize your hiring decisions

Data-driven screening decisions provide an accurate prediction for hiring success. By making use of Machine Learning, we adapt to previous hiring decisions to further optimize these predictions.

Save time and money by letting us do the screening part for you

Screening and matching automation saves you up to 20 hours per hire. This time can be used to put more thought into your crucial hiring elements, such as your recruitment strategy.

Eliminate unconscious bias

By eliminating all personal and demographic information from a candidate profile, we make sure you can’t let your bias get in the way of finding the (well-nigh) perfect person during the screening and matching stage. Once a candidate is invited to proceed the next stage of the application process, this data will be revealed.

ATS Integration

We believe in the power of combining technologies to optimize your hiring process. That’s why we have built an ATS-integration to make sure Equalture can be seamlessly integrated within your recruitment life cycle.


Create the perfect application profile

Never struggle again with finding out how companies want your resume to look like. Based on all your provided information, we create a brand new profile for you.

One click application: fast and easy

Once you have completed your profile in Equalture, you can apply for all vacancies on our platform with just one click.

Matching and process transparency

Transparency during the application process is something that every applicant desires, but not every company can guarantee that. Companies that work with Equalture will show you your match with a job, the stages of the hiring process and they’ll keep you continually notified. As soon as a recruiter has reviewed your profile, you will be instantly updated.

Save your profile for future applications

Now is not the time to dive into another job application? No problem, we will save your profile for one year - with your permission - so that you can apply later for our client’s jobs.

We guarantee your privacy

Unlike many in the online world, we value your privacy. That’s why all personal and geographic information will be masked on your applicant profile until you give permission to further complete an application process.