Equalture’s Equal Opportunity Hiring Certification Program (EOHCP)

An introduction for Candidates.

On this page, we will provide you with more information about our EOHCP, as well as how companies are certified and how correctness is ensured.

Why this Program has been launched

Equalture’s founders, Fleur and Charlotte, started Equalture a couple of years ago as they wanted the world to become a place – a world in which every person is treated equally and in which everyone gets an equal opportunity to get hired, without being discriminated against on gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. Equalture tries to achieve this by letting all candidates complete a set of gamified assessments at the start of the hiring process, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their skills, talent, and personality.

Unfortunately, the reality was and still is different. Recent events such as Black Lives Matter have painfully proven to us how far away we are from a world in which every single person is treated equally. Therefore, now that we’ve taken the first steps into shaping the world of unbiased hiring, it’s time to take the next step in our commitment to ensure equal opportunities in hiring.

With the launch of this program, we want to further support our customers in taking every step possible in preventing bias in hiring decisions, and reward those who have shown a real commitment to addressing hiring bias. It’s time to end discrimination in the labor market.

Certificates and criteria

Equalture knows their customers, as our Customer Success team is in very close contact with each and every one of them. We therefore deeply understand the reason why companies partner up with our platform. 

Besides, our certificates also have some hard criteria, which you can find below.

Pioneer Certificate

Company is partnering with Equalture

Company has included an Equal Opportunity Statement (EOS) in their job descriptions

Innovator Certificate

All criteria for Pioneer

Equalture is used for more than 50% of the company’s open positions*

Equalture is introduced early in the hiring funnel and its outcomes are part of the screening process**

Leader Certificate

All criteria for Innovator

Equalture is used for all of the company’s open positions

Company has signed a Declaration of Intent to commit to implementing in-depth strategies to ensure equal opportunities

* The more jobs a company has in Equalture, the more jobs allow candidates with an equal opportunity to showcase their skills, talents, and personality.

** By having Equalture’s Candidate Insights before making the first filtering, we can prevent a situation in which a candidate is wrongfully filtered out as a result of bias.

How integrity is ensured

When companies apply for the Program, they will be assessed on the criteria described above, before the certificate is rewarded. 

All certificates have a year stamp on them, meaning that they should be renewed each year. When that happens, all companies with a certificate will be re-assessed. Finally, we will randomly assess certificate holders for the correctness of their certificate throughout the year.