Equalture’s job application experience for candidates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Equalture introduced in the hiring process?

To enable you to make data-driven hiring decisions, our first important goal is to help you get an objective, data-driven and complete overview of a candidate to base your (first) impression on.

In order to achieve this goal, Equalture is integrated preferably as early in your hiring process as possible. The further down the tunnel you introduce Equalture, the bigger the chance that you’ve filtered out good candidates or proceeded with non-fit candidates, based on your gut feeling. 

This means that we will replace the traditional application form, in which candidates normally have to upload their resume and motivation letter, by our application experience. If you have integrated us with your ATS, we can automatically redirect candidates to this application experience.

What is expected from candidates during this application experience?

When candidates start their application, they can either create an account or start with LinkedIn. Firstly, they are asked to build up their profile, by sharing their educational background and previous experiences. Consequently, they will be asked to complete a set of games. Finally, you can add questions to this application experience that a candidate needs to answer. Once a candidate has completed these steps, the application is submitted and sent to your Equalture dashboard, as well as your ATS (in case of an integration). 

How long does it take for a candidate to finish this application experience?

This depends on the amount of information that you would like to receive from candidates. You can choose whether you would like to collect information about education and work experience, and you will also be asked to select a set of games for the job (our system helps you with that). Based on the number of games selected for the job, as well as other desired input, it takes 20-35 minutes for a candidate to apply. Please note that candidates are informed of the duration of this application experience.

Isn’t this position in the hiring funnel increasing candidate dropout?

Yes, this position in the hiring funnel on average increases candidate dropout by 3%, since it requires more time and effort for a candidate to apply. However, candidates experience the games as very fun and engaging, which has also led to word-of-mouth. 

An interesting comment here to make is that we believe that companies shouldn’t fear dropout – in fact, they should be thankful for it. If candidates don’t want to put in the effort of a 20-to-35-mins application to potentially work at your company, it’s likely that they won’t be intrinsically motivated enough, which ultimately leads to turnover.

How does Equalture’s job application experience work when I also have an ATS?

If you have integrated Equalture with your ATS, Equalture will replace the application form of your ATS. After a candidate has submitted their application, their Equalture Profile will be sent to your ATS to be reviewed.

Can candidates still upload their CV and motivation letter?

No, this is not possible. By letting candidates share relevant information with us and complete the games, we create a new profile for them, which you will receive instead of the CV. Besides, our application experience allows you to ask questions to a candidate, of which the answers to these questions will be added to the profile as well. This could for instance be a question in which you ask about their motivation to apply, their salary expectations or preferred start date.

Will candidates receive their results?

No, candidates won’t automatically receive their results. If you would like your candidates to receive their results, you are able to share a PDF-version of their profile with them.