Equalture’s onboarding process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Equalture’s onboarding process look like?

Equalture’s onboarding process consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Kickoff (15-min call)
A kickoff call with our Customer Success Team is the official start of the onboarding. During this call we explain how to get started and agree on desired timelines.

Step 2. Team Analysis
The teams associated with the jobs that you will be using Equalture for (for example: Sales, Engineering, Marketing, etc.), a Team Analysis will be conducted. During this analysis, the team members of these teams will be asked to complete a set of neuroscientific games, allowing us to understand your current team composition and cultural traits. Click here to learn more about this Team Analysis.

Time to complete this step depends on how fast your team members complete the games, which takes them 15-20 minutes. On average, customers complete this step in 2 to 10 days.

Step 3. Translating the Team Analysis into the Job Profiles (15-min call)
Once the Team Analyses are completed, a 15-min call will be scheduled to discuss the results. These results, providing us with insights on your hiring needs, will be used to set up your job profiles the same day.

Step 4. Discuss the first Candidate Profiles (15-min call)
Finally, a 15-min call will be scheduled once the first Candidate Profiles are in. The goal of this call is to help you understand how to read these profiles.

Once this call is finished, you have officially completed your onboarding! But of course, our Customer Success Team is still always here for you to help.

What is the average time to onboard?

You as a customer are considered a as onboarded when having (i) analysed your team(s), (ii) created your job(s) and (iii) reviewed the first candidate profiles generated by Equalture.

On average, we see that customers are onboarded in 1 to 3 weeks.

Is there a lot of education required to understand Equalture properly?

Implementing Equalture has some impact on your hiring strategy and process. Since we replace the resume with Equalture Candidates Profiles, providing you with more objective information to base your evaluation on, understanding the insights on this profile might require some self-study- in particular, the insights that our neuroscientific games.

Depending on your user responsibility within Equalture, this is how many hours we recommend you to schedule for self-study:

1. Person responsible for the onboarding (creating the Team Analyses and Jobs): 4-6 hours;
2. Hiring managers (working with Equalture’s candidate profiles): 1-2 hours.

Our Knowledge Center contains all resources for this self study and also helps you navigate through the resources that are relevant to you, based on your responsibility within the hiring process.

How ‘plug and play’ is Equalture technically?

Equalture can be easily integrated with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or linked to your own career site directly (in this case simply through URLs that are linked to specific jobs in Equalture). Therefore, the implementation on your career site is very easy.