The purpose of a Team Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it important to not only analyse candidates, but also my current team?

We truly believe that, in order to make the right hiring decision, you should be aware of the current strengths, weaknesses and cultural indicators within your current team. Strengths, or success predictors, can help you set the bar for candidates, whereas weaknesses can be translated in skill requirements for a new hire in order to compensate for this current gap. Finally, and most importantly, cultural fit is the largest predictor of hiring success. Therefore it’s crucial to objectively compare candidate characteristics to your cultural traits.

Do other customers experience resistance from their team when asking them to participate in this team analysis?

Customers sometimes experience resistance from team members when not informing them well about the purpose of this team analysis. We offer a communication template that can be leveraged to properly inform your team members about the goal of the team analysis, as well as what will happen to their results. We highly recommend you to actually use this template. What’s most important to mention here is that all results will be collected anonymously and therefore cannot be used for performance evaluation purposes.

How does it work for my team members to participate in this team analysis?

In your Equalture dashboard, you will be asked to create the different teams within your company (for instance Sales, Marketing, Engineering, etc.). You can add team members to the different teams through their email address. Once you have linked a team member to a team, this team member will automatically receive an invitation email from us. This briefly explains the purpose of the team analysis again and contains a link to start. It takes up to 20 minutes for your team members to complete the games for the team analysis.

Will my team members receive their results?

No, your team members won’t receive their results since we collect all results anonymously in your Equalture dashboard. We do this because the purpose of the team analysis is to create an overview of skills and personalities on team-level instead of individual level. Individual results don’t contribute to determining your hiring needs.

What’s important to mention here, however, is that you can link a team member to different teams to see the impact of adding/removing a team member on the team analysis. 

How can I leverage the results for hiring purposes?

Your team analyses can provide you with the following insights that help you to determine your needs for a next hire:

Insight 1: Strengths and weaknesses on team-level

On team-level, you can identify strengths and weaknesses by comparing your team results to the results of similar teams in our platform. You can use games representing a strength to set the bar for your candidates, but you can also use games representing a weakness to find candidates who can fill your team’s gaps. 

Insight 2: Top-performing indicators on team-level

If a team, for instance your Sales team, consists of 10 people or more, you could separate top-performing team members from less-performing team members to analyse what distinguishes them – and therefore, which skills/personality traits are predictive for top-performance.

Insights 3: Cultural traits op company-level

Finally, we also look at games on which the vast majority of your team members (regardless of in which teams they are) score consistently and above average. These games are considered to be presenting a cultural trait and are therefore recommended for each job opening.