When to work with Equalture

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Equalture’s vision and mission?

Our goal is to shape the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs all across the globe, by helping them to collect objective, data-driven insights on both your team and candidates to base your hiring decisions on.

Why? Well, simply because we firmly believe that unbiased hiring decisions lead to building the best possible teams. And after all, without a team that aims for the moon, your business will never fly. 

How does Equalture collect these objective insights?

We collect insights on both your team members and candidates by letting them complete our set of neuroscientific games.

Why is making decisions based on data instead of gut feeling so important?

Making hiring decisions based on your gut feeling, which is highly subjective, significantly raises the chance of making mis-hires, and also decreases the chances of building a diverse team, both in terms of demographics and neurodiversity. This is because of the fact that our gut feeling is driven by our frame of reference, which is highly biased based on our background, the environment in which we grew up, and so forth.

By collecting objective insights on a person, telling you more about their personality and skills, you allow yourself to objectively assess whether this person is the right fit with your job and company, based on the right, and moreover, objective information. This significantly decreases the chance of making mis-hires and stimulates (neuro)diversity in your team, ultimately leading to better team performances.

What kind of companies work with Equalture?

Equalture mainly works for tech-savvy SMBs (startups, scaleups) who are growing fast and deeply understand the importance of making objective hiring decisions in order to grow their team successfully. 

What distinguishes Equalture from an assessment tool?

We distinguish ourselves from assessment tools in two different ways.

Difference 1. Candidate information.

Assessment tools only leverage insights based on their assessments to provide you with a candidate’s profile. We also include information that you would normally find on a resume into our candidate profiles (education, work experience, etc.). This allows you to have a complete overview of your candidates in one profile.

Difference 2. Position within the hiring funnel.

Assessments are usually introduced later in the hiring funnel, for instance before/after a first interview. Equalture is introduced preferably in the very first stage of the hiring funnel, namely the actual job application, in order to eliminate bias right away. So whereas assessment tools help you make the best choice out of a biased selection, we confront you with your bias to make an unbiased selection right away. Here you can read more about this.

Is Equalture also relevant when sourcing candidates instead of receiving lots of applications organically?

Absolutely! A common fallacy is that tools like Equalture are only relevant for high-volume hiring. However, the number of candidates still doesn’t change the actual goal of your hiring process: Hiring the best-fit person. Whether you need to pick between 10, 100 or 1000 candidates, you still need the right candidate insights to base this hiring decision on. Equalture is therefore also highly relevant when sourcing candidates yourself. 

Is Equalture suitable for all seniority levels?

Yes. However, we have seen that in more traditional companies, positions on senior/management-level can show some resistance towards gamification as a method to assess candidates.