Our Features.

Every single feature is inspired by the same ultimate goal: An objective hiring process, in which decisions are based on science, rather than bias.

Define your ideal hire.

Align your hiring team, by trusting on science.

Team Analysis

Let your existing team complete Equalture’s games to identify skill gaps, set cognitive benchmarks, codify your culture, and more.

Hiring Criteria Identification Survey (HCIS)

Complete a 3-min survey, designed by our Science team, to identify what specific characteristics to look for in your next hire for this role. 

Invite all candidates, right at the start.

Allow yourself to get the right first impression.

Company branding

Brand the environment in which your candidates are being asked to complete the games.

Automated feedback

Candidates will automatically receive their results after submitting the assessment, to ensure a value-adding experience.


Integrate Equalture with your ATS to automate the process of inviting candidates and collecting results. 

Objectively select the best candidate.

Outsmart your biases, before letting them outsmart you.

Candidate Report

Easy-to-interpret and actionable candidate reporting for hiring managers.

Sort & Filter

Find your best candidates easily, by sorting and filtering on their assessment results.

Interview Guides

Use Equalture’s results to structure your interviews and ask to right questions.

And there's even more.

We believe in the power transparency, comfort and guidance.


To make life as easy as possible for your candidates, our assessments are designed mobile-first.

24/7 support

Candidates have access to 24/7 live chat support. You as a company will receive support Mo-Fr 8AM-6PM CET.

CX Report

Your candidates are asked to rate the games from 1 to 5, and can even leave a comment. This will all be shared with you. 


Want to let your hiring managers become an expert in assessments and unconscious biases? Now you can. 


Integrate Equalture with your favourite recruitment software to make your life easier. All can be connected in a matter of minutes.


Can’t find yours? Request it here.