Streamline your hiring process.

Improve hiring efficiency & cut time to hire in half with our game-based assessments.

Streamline your hiring process in 3 Steps


Actually knowing who you need.

By assessing your current team first, you will get a clear overview of the skills and behaviours within your team. This will help you determine exactly what to look for in your next hire.


Save time screening candidates.

By assessing your candidates early in the process, you allow yourself to spend time interviewing the high-potentials only, resulting in a shorter time-to-hire and less time spent per hire, while simultaneously improving hiring quality.


Finding the balance between speed & quality.

Focus your time on the right people, decrease the number of candidates to interview, and the number of steps in the process (after all, you’ll already have the required insights at the start). This way allowing you to find a balance between hiring speed and hiring quality. 

Combining Data & Science: Gamification

Game-based assessments can help you objectify your hiring practices to build the best possible teams. And this won’t be a surprise: we do so by enabling you to make hiring decisions based on data & science rather than gut feeling.

Created by a team of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, organizational psychologists, data scientists, game designers, and recruitment experts, gamified assessments leverage decades of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to help companies hire people based on science instead of bias. 


Equalture’s Objective Hiring Formula.

We not only believe, but have also proven that, by structuring your hiring process according to the following four pillars, companies will achieve objective hiring, resulting in hiring success, efficiency and diversity.


The right insights.

Focus on a candidate’s cognitive abilities (GMA) and behaviours, instead of experience and education.


Assessed through the right method.

Game-based assessments, instead of traditional assessments.


Collected at the right time.

Introduced at the start of the hiring process, instead of later.


Benchmarked against the right criteria.

Hiring criteria that fit your specific needs, instead of a standard template.

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 To make your life easier.


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“Making hiring decisions without any science to back you up is like building a house without a foundation.”

Danielle Chan, People & Culture Manager @ Equalture

Gamify your process to hire better, fairer and faster.

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