All you need to know about Psychometric testing

Psychometric tests allow us to start seeing what we can’t visually observe.

It allows us to take that look inside someone’s brain. It allows us to judge ourselves and others based on science, instead of bias. In most jobs people will encounter many different tasks and situations that are not always foreseeable by them or their employer during the hiring process. That’s exactly why knowing about a person’s personality traits and cognitive abilities can help predict how a person may act in certain situations.

So far this is the most reliable and efficient way of assessing this and therefore provides a great tool for any employer trying to predict who will be the best fit for their company.

Cheers, Leonie Grandpierre
Neuroscientist at Equalture

Insights you will get from this playbook

  • The differences between hiring based on resumes & psychometric tests
  • What is psychometric testing
  • What kind of traits do psychometric tests measure
  • Three reasons why you should be using psychometric tests
  • The number one mistake companies make when using psychometric tests
  • Recent developments in psychometric testing

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