The Ultimate C-Level Hiring Guide: How to Prevent Mishires

We know that uncomfortable feeling that hiring can give you.

95% of companies have reported making a mishire on a yearly basis. A bad hire happens to all of us.

Yet, it’s that feeling of a hiring decision being closer to a gamble, rather than a confident decision that can leave us most frustrated.

Being a founder myself, I do get that struggle. You can’t grow your business without having the right team in place, but it’s the growth that makes your investors happy or not.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to sell Equalture to you in this playbook.

I just want to open your eyes to the true cost of making a bad hire, and hopefully provide you with some insights to help you prevent mishires as much as possible.

Cheers, Charlotte Melkert
Co-Founder & CEO at Equalture.

Insights you will get from this guide

Chapter I. The true costs of hiring the wrong person
Chapter II. Most 4 common mistakes leading to mishires
Chapter III. Root cause of all 4 issues: Subjectivity/Biases
Preventing mishires: Game-based assessments:

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