Hiring Guide: How to Prevent 4 Common Mistakes Leading to Mishires

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We know that uncomfortable feeling that hiring can give you.

95% of companies have reported making a mishire on a yearly basis. A bad hire happens to all of us.

Yet, it’s that feeling of a hiring decision being closer to a gamble, rather than a confident decision that can leave us most frustrated.

Building a team ourselves here at Equalture, we do get the struggle.

You can’t grow your business without having the right team in place, but it’s the growth that determines the viability of your business.

We are in a luxury position though. Four years ago I started Equalture – a company that builds game-based assessments, introduced at the beginning of the hiring process, to help companies see the true potential of candidates.

All based on science, instead of bias.

As we are obviously using Equalture’s game-based assessments for our own recruitment, we hardly make any mishires. Don’t worry, I am not trying to sell Equalture to you in this playbook. 🙂

Instead, I want to provide you with some insights to help you prevent mishires as much as possible.

After all, winning teams grow the company. And bad hires kill it.

Cheers, Charlotte Melkert
Co-Founder & CEO at Equalture.

Insights you will get from this guide

Chapter I. The true costs of hiring the wrong person
Chapter II. Most 4 common mistakes leading to mishires
Chapter III. Root cause of all 4 issues: Subjectivity/Biases
Preventing mishires: Game-based assessments

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