Quantifying the Intangible: Soft Skills in Hiring

The painful truth is that what matters most for someone’s success in a job are the aspects that cannot be easily quantified and made tangible –  how smart someone actually is, how someone behaves at work, and what someone’s personality is. 

It’s their soft skill set that makes them the right people for this challenge. Or not.

In fact, around 93% of employers consider these skills as an essential factor when it comes to hiring decisions… 

Here’s where the sad part of the story is about to kick in – unlike hard skills, soft skills are incredibly hard to assess & measure.

In this playbook, we’ll explain all you need to know about soft skills in hiring! Happy reading!

Cheers, Charlotte Melkert

Co-Founder & CEO at Equalture.

Insights you will get from this guide

Chapter I. What are soft skills and why they are important?

Chapter II. The four (soft) skills that matter the most

Chapter III. The 2 problems with measuring soft skills

Chapter IV. Game-based assessments: Making soft skills tangible

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